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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by the_dark_master, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    Has anyone got a dim'd up sketch for a Power-block bench, they could post? [​IMG]
    (If I get enough info - I'll draw it up on Xsteel & get some workshop drgs posted-up) [​IMG]
  2. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Offtopic Hijack, but how do you like that program? Is it easy enough for someone just used to $10 cad programs to use for building gym equip? Or should this someone just stay with what he knows?
  3. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    Well I've used 2d Acad for the last 18 years, and I must say that initially the "step across" was/is a bit daunting. My solution was to 'acquire' a hooky version (release 10) and play with it at home. Having said that, the program is quite easy to navigate. It is being morphed into a pseudo Acad GUI, but you have to keep away from the initial major releases - as they are notoriously flaky. (and a licence costs around £10k a year!) At work we used versions 5.3, 6.1, 8.3 and are now on 11.2.
    So I guess that the answer is yes it is a good program, but you have to "know" what you want to do with it - if you catch my drift [​IMG]
    PS r12 is out now - general consensus is that once again its a pile of bug ridden crap, so everyones waiting for r13 (out around March time)
  4. Omega_man

    Omega_man New Member

    Have you tried Google Sketchup the lite version is free & very easy to use. I suggest reading the "Tips" that pop up, they helped me.

    I have played around with it some, it's got some potential [​IMG]

    Click on a shape and push or pull it to create your desired 3D geometry.
    Experiment with color and texture directly on your model.
    Real-time shadow casting lets you see exactly where the sun falls as you model.
    Select from thousands of pre-drawn components to save time drawing.
  5. the_dark_master

    the_dark_master New Member

    With Xsteel I can just export it to 3ds Max 9, Ahm... [​IMG]
    Oh, as an aside to my initial post - I looked up the Powerblock site & found the owners manual, which has a sketch of the bench & how it's assembled (still no dims) [​IMG]
  6. quadancer

    quadancer New Member

    Thanx Omega: didn't know that existed. Will download and test it.
    Good luck to D on finding the Dim's. Xsteel sounds a bit advanced for simple tasks like basic construction and BB equipment. I can always use my Xcad or Cad3 as well.

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