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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by RainierWolfcastle, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. RainierWolfcastle

    RainierWolfcastle New Member

    I run once a week for about 14 minutes. I'm not that good and I only cover 2.5km during that time, but for me it is an all out effort.

    I imagine that you probably want simple sugars pre/post run for similar reasons as you do when doing weight training. How much sugar should I have after a run ? Are there any rules of thumb ?

  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    If you're not looking to lose weight, you can make it up by calorie expenditure. You can calculate that with an activity calculator, which you can find somewhere on google.

    Jogging burns roughly 600 calories per hour. So about 120 calories (30g of sugar.)


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