Primer and Creatinesti

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    I recieved the spoils of war this morning
    Thanks to Bryan for shipping it so far for me :D
    Ok, I thought I would give a little review.
    Primer - Opened it right up and tried it for my breakfast (anytime is a good time to eat)
    Not very sweet, but thats easily fixed :) (i like sweet chocolate flavour, but Im fat [​IMG] ) Mixed up very easily in a shaker, no clumps at all tasted excellent. I mixed a serving into my oats after training this morning, tasted excellent as well, mixed smoothly into it was awsome. Not too thick, not too thin.
    Thanks Bryan
    Creatine - Compared to my normal brand (A NZ brand, but still micronised Pfanstiehl based creatine) this is ultra micronised. Of course there is no taste, but its pretty cool anyway.
    Overall its all pretty good
    Thanks again Bryan

    oh yea, I type too quickly, so the title says creatinest rather than creatine like it should


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