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  1. I decided to drop my DB presses, for reasons that i wont go into here, and have taken up pec dec flys for the increased stretch and hopefully for the ability to focus more load on my pecs. I'm not doing regular pec dec, where you push with your forearms, but the machine fly variation where you pretty much do a machine guided fly, pushing together with you hands.

    I think my form sucks though, i havent been feeling it much in my chest, and im never sore. I'm thinking of increasing volume but before i do that i want to make sure im performing the exercise correctly. Can anyone give me directions on how to properly perform a pec dec fly similar to how kate described row form in the FAQ? Right now im trying to bring the two handles together in a "squashing" motion, and i try not to get too much of a stretch to save my shoulders and keep some tension on my chest. My elbows do come out a bit.

    I'm posting this question because Kate's excellent post in the FAQ on proper form while performing rows has inspired me to re-evaluate the form on all my exercises. My rows have felt more effective than ever, and for the first time since i can remember my middle back has felt a little sore the day after my workouts.

    Hope this isnt too odd of a question. If it is the machine and not me please let me know so i can drop it and stop wasting my time. thanks in advance.
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    Try using less weight, keeping your arms straighter, and focusing on squeezing your chest.

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