Recommend any good strategies for calming (i.e. shrinking) the guts/abdomen?

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    Do any of you guys have any good tips to help shrink the volume of the intestines?

    I have a long history of mild digestive problems - including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food sensitivities (e.g. to wheat/dairy). And although I dont have much spare body fat, my abdomen is slighly swollen as a result.

    Everyone in the weight training world seems to recommend eating LOADS of protein. But eating loads of protein (e.g. meat/milk based powders) certainly doesnt seem to help my guts! In fact I have reluctantly had to admit that all dairy products (i.e. both whey and casein) seem to irritate my guts and I have had to stop taking them.

    [ Fwiw, I normally notice no symptoms whatso ever until about 4 hours later, so I presume it is a problem in the large intestines. (??) ]

    Eating food, particularly protein, late at night doesn't seem to agree with my system. It makes me feel rather 'rough' the next morning. I can still sort of 'feel' the undigested food in my system in the morning.

    I remember reading that Alan Wells never ate after quite early (6PM?) in the evening. Also the work of the famous Austrian gut expert FX Mayr said to eat only very light meals in the evening and to only do so very early! Something about the digestion needing to rest at night and to avoid fermentation in the guts.

    On the other hand I am slightly hypo-glycemic so I do need to eat quite regularly! (So in the evenings I am rather damned if I do and damned if I dont !)

    I have tried eating much less (semi-fasting) on certain days of the week, but it seems to make me even more hungry and I'm not sure that it doesnt encourage the body to think that it is in "starvation mode" and to thus put on fat as fast as possible as soon as I eat a half reasonable meal !

    - Have any of you guys worked out good strategies for calming (and shrinking) the guts?

    NOTE: By this I mean two things:
    a) partly losing body fat.
    b) but mainly lowering the 'irritation' levels and thus shrinking the diameter tubes themselves.


    John Smith

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