Remaining Mysteries (questions I Can't Find Answers To)


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Thought I'd just pop these in here, I know this forum is super slow now a days but there really is no where else to do this online any more.

When protein synthesis is higher with one protocol over another, just for example a study showing 3sets has higher PS than 1 set, is it...

A) (Is PS variable per fiber) All fibers stimulated variably, so it's higher in all fibers with 3 sets. Such as, 1 set stimulates all fibers somewhat, and 3 sets stimulate all fibers to a higher level.
B) (is PS digital per fiber) 3 sets are higher because just 'more' fibers switched PS on. Such as, 1 set kicked PS on for some fibers and 3 sets kicked it on for more fibers.
C) Both of those (PS rate can vary per fiber individually, so some more than others, etc. due to recruitment and activation alterations during a set)
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Hmmm sounds like C), but I don't know for sure. And I'm sure systemic effects would be in play... but I do wonder if it is only select fibers that grow, or because they're all intertwined to a degree that one single fiber growing affects the surrounding ones...

It is worth putting out there anyway and someone will eventually see it!

Maybe if I cough loud enough... *cough cough @Bryan Haycock @Dan Moore cough cough *
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yeah I always wondered....
I know some fibers can grow while others are not. But I wonder if increases in protein synthesis like they measure in studies is from all fibers having higher, or that it's just more fibers are 'doing it'. ...
Basically, is protein synthesis in a fiber variable or an on off kinda thing...
B makes the most sense to me. I can’t necessarily support that through study reference, but A doesn’t quite resonate with what we observe in application.