Report at 13th Cycle (2.5 years)

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    Report at 13th Cycle (2.5 years)

    Hi Everyone.

    My first report here after following HST very closely for 2.5 years.

    Age: 50
    Weight: 160lbs in winter. 145lbs in summer. I gain weight in Winter to increase muscle, then shed each Spring for tone.
    Waist: 34" in winter, 32" in summer.
    Height: 5'-10"
    Goals: Strength and tone without significant weight gain. Desire to heal muscle injuries and return to tennis. I want to do this clean, with organic foods and the only processed supplement being rice/pea/hemp protein shakes. No creatine, no roids, etc.
    Previous Activity before HST: Unspecific mix of Cardio/Strength 5x week. Had numerous lower back and shoulder injuries due to poor form, pushing to failure and overtraining with no SD.

    HST Cycles Completed: 13 (Started in 2010, now 2.5 years).
    HST Approach: Mostly vanella HST: Compound exercises with alternating full-body A/B sets 3x week. 5-7 exercises per workout. I do 1x15s, 2x10s and 3x5s (with an extra set during 5s at 1/2 to 3/4 weight for Cardio/CNS). I start with 5 minutes cardio, end with a random ab exercises and 10 min stretch. I do 30 min random cardio on off days. Protein shake before and after. I eat big in Winter, and cut back in Spring. Whole grains, greens, fruit, organic meat.
    Strength Increase with HST:
    Bench: 25%​
    Squat: 45%​
    Deads: 65%​
    Dips: 30%​
    DB Shoulder Press: 100%​
    DB Curls: 45%​
    Tone: I have no before and after pictures, but I am certainly more toned than 3 years ago. Muscles slightly larger and slightly less love-handle fat.
    Pain/Injuries: None. This to me has been the biggest benefit, no doubt due to stopping reps before failure and SD.
    Sports: I now play tennis 2 hours/match, 3x week at NTRP 4.0 level. Right on!

    Thanks to Brian for the program, and everyone here for their tips and advice!

    Comments and questions welcome.


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