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Discussion in 'Home Exercise Equipment' started by techdraw, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. techdraw

    techdraw New Member

    Hi guys:

    I am looking at upgrading my weight room and have a question. If you have worked out on both a Smith Machine and a Power Rack, could you tell me which one you prefer and why? I am currently using a multi-gym along with a Soloflex muscle machine, but I don't feel like a get enough range of motion on bench presses.

    Thanks in advance for you response.

  2. Dont_quit

    Dont_quit New Member

    I'd really go with a power rack. I have one in my home gym, and it works great. You get the advantage of free, natural movement during lifts, recruitment of more stabilizers, and you have the same safety you have in a smith machine. Plus a power rack usually costs a good deal less, and can come with many of the same attachments.

    If you're shopping around for a good-priced, high-quality power rack, I'd go with TDS ( or Powertec (I personally own a Powertec).

    Bodycraft, Tuff Stuff and Bodysolid are good too, but are a little more pricey. Bodysolid's WPR78 is a value model that doesn't compare in price or features to Powertec or TDS.
  3. Lars

    Lars New Member

    I'd go for the power rack, too. My main reason is that the power rack allows you to work your stabilizers, while the smith will not...And I like to let my body work in its natural range of motion.

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