staying land and gaining muscle mass...

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  1. staying lean and gaining muscle mass...

    hey ive trained for over 10 years and i know if i wanna grow and get big, i might get a bit of a gut with the 3k+ calorie intake on a daily basis. but after being out of the gym for a year and traveling im rather lean now, as if i did a cutting cycle.

    My question is : now im back in the gym doing hst is it proactive and healthy to try to stay lean and try to gain mass with out getting a gut and a lot of bloat? or am i just gonna end up hitting a wall? I like the look of my body frame now, im not big, 5'10 185lbs and 32 years old, male. i can see my abs and obliques and don't really feel like i wanna get huge again, then have to cut down to look good. id like to work up to 200 lean at 5'10 and just work on over all strength, im lifting now more so for health and well being so another reason i don't wanna pack on the gut

    im looking to do hst for probably 3 months then switch it to 5x5 before December. How much cardio should i be doing , and any pro tips on staying lean with out sacrificing strength and muscle tissue.

    thanks in advance
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    I'm in my 8th week of my slightly modified verson of my first round of HST. I am in the same boat as you are. I'm very happy with where my physique is right now and wasn't really looking to add a bunch of mass. I was interested in a good, full body workout that could help me maintain where I am, if not add a few lbs of lean muscle. So far in my first 8 weeks, I've been very happy with HST in what I am looking for in the program. I can get in and out of my workouts in about 45 minutes, and I feel and look bigger while at the same time have actually dropped a few lbs. I don't know if I'll ever get off HST again.

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