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    So for the first time im writing down my exercices on paper and my diet on a software on the pc and i figured i could as well post it here..


    It's not the first time i traing in the gym, but i come from a two years watching tv on the couch period. So im for all intent and purposes a beginner and totally deconditioned. Could be that there is some muscle memory at work that speed up my initial results with HST.


    24 Weight: 63,8 kg Estimated BF: 15% Height: 1,78 cm (5 10)
    Chest: 90,7 cm
    27,5 cm
    91,4 cm
    78,6 cm
    53 cm
    32,3 cm
    24,6 cm
    38 cm
    16,4 cm
    21,7 cm

    66 kg Estimated BF: 13,30%
    Chest: 93,5 cm (+2,8 cm)
    28,7 (+1,2 cm)
    92,8 (+1,4 cm)
    77,7 (-0,9 cm)
    54,6 (+1,6 cm)
    32,9 (+0,6 cm)
    26 (+1,3 cm)
    39 cm (+1 cm)
    16,4 cm
    21,7 cm


    Currently i eat 2700 calories on average Monday-Friday, probably more on weekend because i eat some junk foods. Usually im around 3000 on training days and 2400 on non training days.

    I eat aroud 180 g of protein, 280-350 g of carb 50-90 g of fats.


    Multivitamins, fish oils capsules, flax seed oil capsules, pre workout (taurine, b-alanine, tyrosine, dmae, caffeine, theanine, creatine, citrulline, agmatine, carnitine l tartrate, acetyl l caritine), creatine, whey proteins.


    I start the log with first day of 10s... so:

    21 January 2013
    Today i felt well rested from the weekend. I was also 67,5 kg on my scale this morning... I think it was some water because im really gaining a lot of weight very fast and im also leaner. Probably the creatine?

    3x10x52,5 kg
    Leg Press: Myo Reps 1x15 + 4x5 x 75kg
    Military Press 2x10 + 2x5 16,5 kg
    Pendlay Rows 3x10x27,5 kg
    Dumbell Bench Press Myo Reps 1x13 + 3x5 + 2x4 x 11 kg dumbells
    Lat Pulldown (chin grip) Myo Reps 1x15 + 4x5 x 35 kg

    Then i felt like doing two myo reps series of curl and skullcrshers and some crunches... Overall very good training day, felt very pumped, love hst!
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  2. Stemad

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    23 January 2013

    This morning i was 68 kg right after waking up. I continue to steadily gain weight, right now i gained 4,2 kg since 01/01/13 (about 9,26 lbs). Waist about the same, i start to see veins in the shoulders and arms. Im really motivated, i'm seeing results real fast.

    Today workout felt really good. What i've done:

    Deadlifts: 2x10 + 1x9 x 57 kg
    Leg Press: Myo Reps 1x15 + 4x4 x 80 kg
    Military Press: 2x10 + 3x3 x 20 kg
    Pendlay Rows: 3x10 x 30 kg
    Dumbell Bench Press: Myo Reps 1x14 + 4x4 x 12 kg
    Lat Pulldown: Myo Reps 1x15 + 4x4 x 37,5 kg
    Lying Tricep Extensions: Myo Reps 1x14 + 4x4 x 20kg
    Dumbell Curls: Myo Reps 1x15 + 4x4 x 6kg

    Total time, about 50 minutes
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    Probably 1-1.5kg of that is creatine + water, but that doesn't mean you're kicking any less a$$. Beginner gains are awesome, keep it up :)
  4. Stemad

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    Yeah, without the probably, 2 kg are water for sure :) But it's very motivational :) Would be wonderfull to gain at this rate forever lol, it's a shame it's a short lived thing
  5. Stemad

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    25 January 2013

    2x10 + 1x8 x 60 kg
    Leg Press: Myo Reps
    1x15 + 4x4 x 85 kg
    Military Press:
    2x10 + 2x5 x 20 kg
    Pendlay Rows:
    3x10 x 32 kg
    Dumbell Bench Press:
    Myo Reps 1x10 + 4x5 x 13 kg
    Lat Pulldown:
    Myo Reps 1x14 + 4x4 x 40 kg
    + Some arm work done chatting with a friend that i didn't see in 2 years and some crunches

    So first week of 10 done. Strenght continue to increase in every lift, but i've shooted some photos and compared with those of last week, it seems to me i'm a little more bloated, and not really much different on upper body mass. On the other hand, legs are growing and i see a difference.. Oh well, this is a game of patience, so we will see at the end of the cycle what gains i will have. Too bad that i don't have a plicometer to measure BF. I can only rely on circumferences equations or an impedance scale that put me at 25% (impossible :p ) so i don't have a really precise method of measure BF apart from the mirror, and the mirror tell me it's going up right now.

    On a side note, when i look at myself in the mirror, i like myself better than in the photo. It can be my mind it's playing tricks on me and in reality im not as good as i think when i watch myself, or im not really photogenic. it's sort of when you hear your voice in a recording, you think to have a really sexy and deep voice and then usually you are disappointed when you hear it lol.
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