stretch and load on lats

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  1. Yup that's the one

    IMO, Grip width with rows matters little except real wide grips which automatically start putting more emphasis on upper traps simply because during the pulling movement when real wide you automatically try to pull towards your chest, wide grips tend to rotate shoulders.
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    This is just a personal choice, I was looking for validation behind it more than anything :p

    I personally prefer the wide grip becuase my lats give out at the same time my bis (and I suppose other upper back muscles do).

    With the supinated lose grip and palms facing each other grip, it's my arms that give out/fail first. I use them when I'm doing 6x a week HST, as that way I can do a rowing and chinning exercise on the same day and still alternate

    e.g. W/O 1: BB rows, close grip chins, W/O 2: Seated/DB rows, wide grip chins...


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