Suggestion for Bryan


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I read in a thread on this forum that you're planning two books perhaps, one for the general public and one for trainers/science-tech people, or to put it better those with an understanding of the principles you'll be writing about that's far above the layman's. There may be a better approach.

i've read quite a few science popularization books, and they follow an interesting format. The topics are covered in a way that goes from less to more technical, from basic concept to in depth study and explanation. This works great because once the reader hits the limits of his own ability to understand the material, he goes on to the next topic which is handled in the same way.

This might be a way for you to avoid writing two books and repeating yourself quite a bit in both, and also reach a broader audience with just one effort.
but consider the reception of the "professional" and "academic" circles in this field. They'd probably hold a book that consistently appealed to their level of knowledge with higher esteem. Such is the nature of human prejudice.

Yes they could just skip the "intro" parts, but things probably don't work that way.

There are also practical reasons for having a separate book that is more technical. People who don't need the intro stuff will not be put off that they're paying for something that they don't need (with your suggestion, they'd not need the intro material).