Switching Between Exercises

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Is switching between exercises any good?

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  1. moonman

    moonman New Member

    Hi guys,

    since I am new to the world of HST, I have some questions.
    My first question would be:
    Is there any benefit in switching between exercises (e.g. Squat and Leg Press) between 2 workouts ?

    My plan with which I want to start the following Tuesday would look like this:

    Legpress (alternative)
    Incline Bench
    Bent Row
    Lateral Raise
    Rear Delt Raise
    Preacher Curls
    Triceps Extension
    Abs (machine)

    If there is any Benefit, I would alternate Squats and Legpress, maybe also, if it makes any sense Bent Row with a Machine Row.

    Furthermore : Is it any good to do Legcurls, Lateral/Rear Delt Raise and Bi's and Tri's with only 5 reps ?

    I hope someone can help me and appreciate any comment on my questions and routine.

    Thanks for any help and the great community!
  2. mickc1965

    mickc1965 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to HST @moonman

    How many days are you training and how many sets / reps per session are you planning to do per rep block?

    1 - I would stick with Squats every workout rather than alternate with leg press, if you are going to alternate squats with anything I would recommend deadlifts, but I would prefer that you add deadlifts to every workout and drop leg curls.

    2 - I would not / do not do leg curls, lateral / rear delts or any bicep and tricep exercises at any rep range, is there a reason why you do no overhead press movement in your routine?

    Personally I would do the following

    Quads - Squats
    Hams / Lower Back - Deadlift
    Calves - not really necessary as covered by the above but ok to include if you must
    Chest - Flat Bench (rather than incline as you can use more load) and Dips
    Shoulders - Overhead Press
    Back - Chins and Bent over Rows (prefer Pendlay Rows)
    Traps - shrugs not necessary as more than covered by deadlifts but ok to include if you must
    Biceps - not necessary as covered with all the back exercises
    Triceps - not necessary covered with bench, dips and OH press

    Good luck
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  3. moonman

    moonman New Member

    Thank you mickc1965.

    Any other opinions `?

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