The FDA is at it again!


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As usual the FDA thinks that they know what is best for everyone.

Help Stop FDA from Making Estriol and Other Bio-Identical Hormones Illegal.

There are several other issues on that page that need our attention also!
I'm doubting that the position of the FDA is that they've incriminated themselves: they've basically just said they're understaffed. No doubt the upcoming democratic regime will offer us more taxes to fuel a new staff and research facilities to compensate for the problem. I personally think they're (the FDA) often just doing the wrong jobs. And I agree with the Life Extension website's general position, but something has to be done about all the dang snake oil sold out here. Maybe that's not a job for the FDA either.
The FDA will do whatever the drug companies want them to do regardless if it is right or wrong, or will help or hurt our ability to get the proper medical treatment that we require.

That was not just a move to remove Estriol from being used even though there is no proof that there is harm in using it.  It was also an attack on all compounding pharmacists and the doctors who prescribe custom hormone compounds as well as bio-identical hormones in general.  What is to stop them from doing the same thing with bio-identical testosterone used in testosterone replacement therapy?  Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell.

Here is a copy of the newsletter where I heard about this issue.


Dear Life Extension Enthusiasts,

As you may recall, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action against bio-identical hormones this year.

On January 9, 2008, the FDA sent pharmacies, large and small, an order to stop using estriol, and the term “bio-identical” in their hormone replacement formulas. This was an unprecedented attack on compounders, patients, and physicians because, until then, NO compounded drug component with a USP monograph had been withdrawn from circulation unless there had been evidence of harm to patients. Yet that is what the FDA did. The FDA admitted in their press conference that there is no evidence of harm to any patient from the use of estriol in compounds. If they can do it to estriol, they can do it to anything they wish!

This week, the U.S. Congress is taking a key first step toward reigning in the FDA’s astounding actions against women’s health—and we need your support!

Notable members of the U.S. House of Representatives have taken the step of sponsoring House Concurrent Resolution 342. This resolution calls upon the FDA to stop their new policy of restricting women’s access to prescriptions containing estriol. This drug has been available in the United States for half a century and is chemically the same as that made in a woman’s body.

The resolution also calls on the need of FDA to respect the physician-patient relationship and recognizes that doctors, not the FDA, are in the best position to determine which medications are appropriate for their patients. It also points out that the FDA has acknowledged that it is unaware of any adverse events associated with the use of estriol over the past three decades.

We need your help!

You can help make estriol and other bio-identical hormones available to you by letting them know that you support House Concurrent Resolution 342, which raises serious concern over the recent move by FDA to ban the use of estriol and asks for its reversal.

Please visit our Legislative Action Center, where you can read and/or take action on important current issues, or locate your local officials to show your support of the Congressional Resolution 342. We thank you for your support.

For Longer Life,

Life Extension Foundation
I've been watching the case of the research/manufacturers bust here in Ga. (Roswell) of two folks in a nice house that were turned in by probably the neighbors - for manufacturing steroids, of which the cops didn't find any. The only thing they have is a viagra copycat for the bust, but they claimed at first they were manufacturing and selling $30-40,000.00 a week worth of PH's and steroids.
The hook is that these things they sold were legal, under the research and experimental clause in the law. Other articles are turning up regarding the govt. control that is beginning in this area, so this is a valid problem.
You'd think that if the govt/ wanted control over these things, they'd regulate them under the same provisions as the alcohol and firearms bureau. That way, they'd get tax money off every BB'er and elder on HRT. But doctors still need to come up to speed for us men.
I couldn't find the others I had: expired threads. I'll look more later.