The "Sucked-Out" Gaunt Model Look

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  1. As a former wrestler in college, I would remember that once I made weight before a match I was extremely cut (6 PACK) and defined with chiselled facial features, cheeckbones, jawline, etc.
    I would walk around off season weight ~178 (pretty lean) and would naturally, through practices, dieting, extra workouts, slim down to ~167 (6% bf) and from there two days before weigh ins cut to 157 lbs. (lose 10 - 12 lbs water).
    I realize this is not very healthy, and I was DEHYDRATED and not enjoying life @ that state. But I also remember I really enjoyed the way I looked, with muscle definition. I especially liked the way I looked in the face. Girls did too. They would compliment me on how I had that Calvin Klein Model look. Ironically I was too hungry and thirsty to care about girls at the time.
    A full day after, I would return to my 167 lb. self. And would lose the gaunt features in the face.
    I am wondering if there is any HEALTHY way to ACHIEVE this look.
    Does this look only come from the loss of 10 lbs of water? (DEHYDRATION?)
    Is there any way to diet down in weight FURTHER while still being Hydrated to achieve this look?
    How many extra lbs. would I have to lose in order to have a Chiselled face? ( I am about 165 5% bf) LEAN
    Not really interested in muscle MASS or STRENGTH per se. How do male models achieve the gaunt chiseled look? I know they don't workout as hard as wrestlers for the runway. I know I have that look in me. I would like to know how to achieve and MAINTAIN it through HEALTHIER means.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Someone must have some advice.

    Is the the gaunt look the result of dehydration?


    If I were to diet down to 157 and stay hydrated would I have the same look as if I weigh 157 through sweating of 10 lbs?

    Please, any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You.
  3. Techo

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    So you're saying you don't think you could achieve that look with simply loosing body fat? Also, if you are taking creatine that may be hindering you from getting that look...
  4. No creatine... Not interested in muscle mass & am already pretty dang lean. I wonder if I were to diet down to 157 rather than cut the 10 lbs. from 167; If I would achieve the same Ripped chiselled look.
  5. Techo

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    sure give it a shot and let us know how it works! From the lack of responses, it sounds like you'll be educating a few of us =)
  6. Kama45

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    Models also have good lighting working for them to give an all around better chiseled look.

    For me, growing a goatee or the shadow-beard look makes my face look more defined.

    I got that genetic pigment thing working for me, but you may want to try getting a tan for that shadowing effect.

  7. Techo

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    I've heard of some guys that dark colorer the muscle lines to give a greater appearance of definition... Then again that could get kinda messy with your face ;-)
  8. Goodfella

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    I was always under the impression that the gaunt look didnt look good, but almost sickly. I think gaunt is the wrong word here. Chiselled jaw lines and facial features look good, but there still needs to be a fullness to your face. I had that gaunt look for awhile when I lost 25 lbs due to hypoglycemia, but then filled back out when I got my diet in check. I dont think the health risks of dehydrating your body is worth the look your going after. Try and hold on to "some" water weight, and cut up doing it the healthy way, through diet.

    Many girls like the chubby cheeks ya know. [​IMG]
  9. update: I lost (dieted) 4 lbs. so now weigh ~163... don't feel like I look any different in the face, my body sure does look smaller though. So I decided to sweat out 10 lbs. again... funny thing is... I got down to 157 in 1 1/2 days instead of a full 2 days... and when I got down to 157 it doesn't seem like I am that "sucked out"... what gives? maybe it is because I lost less water weight? So maybe the "sucked out look" is strictly due to dehydration. I know bodybuilders lose alot of water weight before shows to get super ripped... Now how do male models do it?
  10. Dood

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    I think it's quite simple, male models are chosen because they have chiseled features to begin with. It's facial bone and muscle structure they are born with, or through surgical enhancements.
    I'm afraid you are wasting your time, unless you want to walk around dehydrated and miserable to get the look you want.
    Having confidence, a decent personality, and keeping in shape will do more to attract women than having a model's face, though that doesn't hurt ;)
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  12. argive99

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    No one has really answered his deeper question. Is it possible to attain 4-5% body fat naturally and keep it with a normal life style? This is assuming you were not born with super lean genetics.
  13. KingProtein

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    From a psychological perspective I doubt 4-5% bodyfat could be maintained for any great length of time. Considering that hormone levels drop precipitously at low bf% (for the non-naturally lean), you'd basically be reduced to being one cut-up, shredded zombie. In other words, you'd feel awfull 24hrs a day.
    If one was really stubborn enough to want to sacrifice quality of life to that great a degree, then they *might be able to maintain this level of leanness. In this scenario, one would literally have to watch each morsel they put into their mouth, and would have to live their lives with their daily calorie levels hovering just above starvation levels. I'd have to believe that eventually this person would realize it isn't worth it. (sorry for the discouragement - but if you're still deadset on your path, use this as fuel for the fire).
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    funny i remember seeing the exact post in some other forum

    didnt reply before so i will now

    basically its all genetics being the main factor. true that even with a round face you can get the sucked in look and look more chiselled but naturally chiselled and square faces can still look relatively squared off even if they have slightly higher bodyfat levels where if you had a round face with the same bodyfat level, you'd look round and they wont

    its just genetics. not much ya can do other than plastic surgery or some hormone therapy that increases your jaw width (testosterone prob does the job) and hopefully your jaw outgrows the width of your face to make it more squared.. but then the chin also plays a factor, etc.

    also you might have thicker skin on the facial region than other people which results in a chubbier look

    the sucked in look is the result of the bone region of the mouth, chin, jaw, and cheekbone locations and also your skin thickness (which is related to water retention or fat)
  15. According to a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, many male models get their chiseled facial features by having their rear molars yanked out.

    I think I'll pass!

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