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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by ttboyy2k, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. ttboyy2k

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    I decided to stick with my current hst routine and just add more cardio (as Mr. Haycock suggests) to deplete glycogen stores. I do think single digit body fat can be obtained for the genetically average guy using lyle's ud2.0 diet and hst together. Blade said to add more sets to the key compound lifts during the five's (3-4per exercise) which I think works great as long as DOMS isn't too severe which could be a sign of CNS blowout. I also am using Steve's advice and adding dropsets on the first day of the 5's and using them until I've shot my load at the end of the negatives weeks. Then I will SD and eat a maintenance zone diet for 14 days as Lyle suggests. Finally, when I start my 5th cycle I will start the UD2.0 again and utilize it unitl I have abdominal visability which will probably be anywhere from 7-10% bodyfat range for me. After that goal is achieved, who knows maybe I will bulk using the UD2.0 mass gain version to gain a little muscle with minimal body fat gain. Then I may leave the natural body building word and consider using AAS to further enhance my physique.
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    I wanted to bump this to see what sorts of results people have had with Ultimate Diet 2.0

    How has it worked for you?

    Did you follow HST or Lyle's recomendations for weight training?
  3. Ryan

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    Followed Lyle's recommendations word-for-word, I used it for three weeks. I am taking a break over the holiday week because I know I wouldn't adhere to the diet.

    I dropped a total of 8lbs and lost about 1.5% bf. The last week I lost no bodyweight, gained lbm and lost .4% bf. My results were more personally satisfying for the fact that I was not able to perform any compound leg exercises (squat, leg press) due to recent low back muscle spasm.

    The diet is pretty easy once you piece together foods that are satisfying over the 3.5 days of depletion and the carb-up emotionally makes it all worth it. Plus eating normally for two days following carb-up is rewarding and it is easy to coast through the first couple of diet days following, the killer is the last day and a half. EC is your friend.
  4. ttboyy2k

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    So far after 7 weeks following the fat loss ud2.0, I've went from 16% bodyfat to 12.5% using my standard HST workout plan just adding sprint interval training on my inbetween HST workout days. This is the lowest bodyfat level I have ever been before. Also, I hit all my new planned maxes for my 5th hst cycle using this extreme diet which suprised me. Thanks Lyle and Bryan for developing great plans!
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    I'm going to attempt the bulk version of the diet using HST. I normally like to do same day splits, but is this advisable on 2.0?

    Now that I think about it, would HST be preferable for bulking or the routine Lyle has outlined?
  6. jboy

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    I’m still perplexed by everyone on here that wants to combine HST and UD2 into the best of both worlds! I’m with Edziu on this one—I think you’ll end up losing out on the optimal benefits of both programs by trying to combine the two. Why not just do one at a time? We all know it’s not optimal to try gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time anyway. I’m going to use UD2 as prescribed by Lyle to OPTIMALLY cut fat and protect lean mass, and then follow it up with a true HST cycle to OPTIMALLY add some more lean mass. I have enough experience with trying to do two things at once to know that I end up doing a lot of work to go essentially nowhere fast!
  7. Kama45

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    I am under the impression the routine prescribed by Lyle is for optimal fat loss while maintaining muscle. Edziu comments were also directed towards those with goals of optimal fat loss while maintaining muscle.

    My questions regard optimal muscle gain/hypertrophy with minimum fat gain, so I don't see why my questions seem so unreasonable to you. :)
  8. jboy

    jboy New Member offense man! I wasn't directing my comment specifically at you. I just can't help but think (based on personal experience) that a guy would be better off running a 6-8 week HST cycle while eating above maintenance (& cleanly) for optimum growth with minimal fat gain. And then following it up with a UD2 cycle for 2-6 weeks (depending on how much fat was accumulated). If you aren’t very lean to start with, then it might be wise to do two UD2 cycles with HST sandwiched in between. I'm willing to bet that you'd end up both bigger and leaner separating the two programs than trying to combine the two to get duel results.

    I think of it like this--you can’t expect much growth when you’re only in a calorie surplus (anabolic environment) 2 (or maybe 3) days out of the week. On the other hand, using HST style training with UD2 is unlikely to produce the fat loss that you could expect from using the workouts designed to optimize the process as outlined in UD2.

    I’m not saying you can’t make progress by using both at the same time. I’m just proposing that you won’t get OPTIMAL results. If you need to look your best because you’re planning to spend a lot of time at the beach or something, then I can see trying to combine the two to hold your edge while still making “some” progress.

    Then again, maybe you have much better genetics than I do and you can make gains in a less than optimal environment.
  9. Kama45

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    Oh, no offense was taken. Your advice does sound a bit more sound than my approach. Thanks. :)

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