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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by StoneSour, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. StoneSour

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    It seems like this diet is used by quite a few on HST, or at least a variation. What is the general consensus on following The Zone while doing HST?

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  2. vicious

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    Consensus is that the Zone Diet works well enough if you throw in a post-WO carb up (0.5 to 1.0g/LBM) Replenishing glycogen stores is very important for a frequent, full-body routine such as this. Shoot for 0.75-1.0g/LBM of carbs.

    Also the Zone Diet tends to undershoot the "mainetenance" calorie count. So, you'll want to adjust it, perhaps adding extra fat blocks for energy.

  3. Keebler Elf

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    I think I'm the only one that followed exactly as Sears suggests while doing HST. I have built muscle (my best being 3-4 pounds of LBM in a cycle) and an equal amount of fat. I dont know if that is an endorsement or not [​IMG] but it was good for me considering my past training experiences.

    Although Sears suggests increasing your fat to bring the ratios somewhere around 35c/25p/40f to achieve a calorie surplus (which is what I did) I did a search of his site and found that the best results were to be had by a guy who followed the 40/30/30 ratios but at a much higher calorie intake (which would provide more protein/carbs than Sears).

    I would say that it is good as any other diet, but it did not live up to the hype! I cant see how anyone could have gained 16 pds LBM/6 pds fat loss over 6 weeks like the study he put in his book. I think AAS had something to do with it or the athletes were all fat and puny before they started!
    The deal with better energy/lack of hunger/better mental acuity etc is all true though and that is why I continue to use it.

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