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  1. Why is incline bench recommended over decline? I was looking at the exrx site and according to the muscle's targeted and used diagrams, it looks like you get more milage from a regular or decline bench movement. Yet, nearly every HST routine I see suggested or offered seems to have incline bench in them.
  2. You will emphasize your clavicular (upper portion) of your chest more with incline bench. When a lot of people do flat bench they arch their back a little and turn it more into a decline bench. Flat or decline bench will work most of your chest (including the upper portion), but there are fibers at the top of the chest that may not be adequately stimulated. Even if flat/decline bench did work the entire chest equally many people prefer to have the upper chest get a little extra work because of the look it gives them. A larger upper chest can make your whole chest look bigger, whereas some people have problems with a droopy looking chest when they don't include incline bench. Bottom line: I'd do incline bench and then choose between dips, flat bench, or decline bench for your second chest exercise.
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    i'm having trouble setting up an inclined bench with a smith machine. should the bar be touching the nipple area when it goes down? or on the upper chest?

    some people experienced shoulder problems when doing flat bench. i was wondering if a chest press machine would also cause the same problem?

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    would inclined bench press + machine seated flys be a good combination ?
    im doing flat bench + machine flys right now,
    Will i lose strenght if i switch for inclined bench press ? i know i can lift alot LESS with inclined, i wonder why,
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    I'm in the same boat as ejones....more or less. I think the best chest exercise is dips - I can move the most weight on this one by far, it 'feel's the best and I've added a lot of size with it. For a second chest exercise, I want to 'catch' any fibres that aren't particularly involved in dips - in this case, it's upper chest.

    Secondly, if you have a larger upper chest (relative to your body), you're going to look bigger - clothes hang higher etc...

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