Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by bilknu, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. bilknu

    bilknu New Member

    How much time should I wait between a warm-up set and a work-set? Thanks.
  2. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    IMO a warmup should not be stressful.
    I take it your meaning warming up of the muscle, rather than active loading?

    so starting lifting can happen straight awway after the warmup
  3. Sarge Barker

    Sarge Barker New Member

    It depends. For example, for the 15s, I do ONE warmup set for legs, back, and chest with one set of 60 percent of working weight. You do not need much time between this warmup set and the working set. When you get into the neural ranges, such as last week of 10s and all of the 5s, I feel you need warmups that look like this: 50% x 6, 70% x 4, 90% x 2. Then you should wait two minutes before lifting, but you can do the actual warmup sets with a rest period that simply consists of changing the weights.

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