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Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by mswanson, Mar 15, 2006.

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    I have a question on how people approach warming up and stretching.

    This is what I currently do:
    1. Warm up via cardio till I break a sweat.
    2. A couple of short/light warmup sets for a exercise on the first few exercises before work sets. Optional warmups for later exercises that are lighter weight or are smaller/non-compound.
    3. Stretch. Work on improving flexiblity in problem areas.

    My question is. Should I insert some stretching before #1 and #2? If so, what kind, method? Also, I don't usually work on non problem area in #3. Should I make an effort to stretch all areas? Is stretching an area directly after an exercise better? I feel that I lose focus on working out if I do that.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. faz

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    do 1 and 2 dont stretch before weight training i have read somewhere it might cause more harm than good..at best its pointless no benefit [​IMG]
  3. Razien99

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    From what ive read theres different situations for different stretches.

    Prior to your workouts it he best time for dynamic stretches, stretches that are done whilst your bodys in motion.

    And after your workout static stretching, which is the one most use where you hold a muscle in a stretched position for like 15-30 seconds.
    Apparently its because static stretching beforehand has been shown to lead to decrements in strength and power production when done before lifting.
  4. Razien99

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    Some more info:

    "Dynamic stretching before weight training will temporarily increase strength. This form of stretching is used to rev up the nervous system so I can’t completely agree with the original statement that stretching before weight training will make you weaker.

    As mentioned above, PNF stretching (particularly the CRAC method) will liberate the greatest ROM. Let me remind you that PNF or dynamic stretching is useful for warm-ups since the lingering discharge (facilitation) from the contraction phase of a PNF or dynamic stretch counters the effects of any reduced stiffness.

    Acute static stretching, on the other hand, can decrease strength of the stretched muscles by as much as 5 to 30%."
  5. mswanson

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    Can anyone recommend one or more books on stretching? I have Stuard McRoberts Technique book that has some stretching, but that's just static stretching...
  6. I do 50 - 60 jumping jacks, around 20 good mornings (no weight), and 12 - 20 alternating toe touches. Some times I do 10 - 12 squat jumps. I do all this without stopping. It's sort of a dynamic strech/cardio hybrid combination.

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