week off? and low weight maxes

Discussion in 'Basic Training Principles and Methods' started by centris, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. centris

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    So I did my 15 rep max today - 10's will be wednesday and 5's friday. I have never done this program before, and I have only been working out for 6 weeks total.

    1. What gain/loss is there in taking off 10 days (all of the next week) when I have never done HST before and the only thing for them to recover from is the 1 week of maxes.

    2. Also the weights I am lifting are so low and some of available next weight for some of them is such a jump that there was no good 15 rep max (some where as high as twenty) but the next step up was atleast my 10 (will find out wed for sure). Any suggestions on how to manage this properly?

    3. If it is VERY important to take a week off. what are do/dont for the week (exercise & protein intake)
  2. Lars

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    1. Don't worry about it. Before the first two weeks are up you'll have regained the strength plus a little extra.

    2. You better not have too small increments, so one way is to increment every second or third workout. When I do lateral raises I increment 2.5kg every 2-3 workouts instead of 1kg every time. Read about the RBE

    3. Try to eat at least mainenance, but don't do any strenuous exercise

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