What Do You Like/don't Like In Your Gym??

Discussion in 'FYI' started by Brixtonian, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Brixtonian

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    So after 30+ years lifting iron, and finding the standard and quality of modern gyms rapidly going downhill - at least here in London, UK - I have finally got the opportunity to create and open my very own independent gym!

    I have 4000 sq.ft and am looking at squat racks, power racks/cages, a couple of heavy duty leg presses (for those of us with older, dodgy knees and lower backs!) flat, incline and decline benches, a couple of Smiths/Jones machines (I have no friends... I usually train alone!) and some other heavy duty machines for calves, back, shoulders etc.. and a shed load of iron plates and bars...

    I will have a couple of treadmills, a couple of rowers and a couple of stationary bikes.

    I will sell protein powders and a selection of other appropriate supplements, and branded clothing.

    I will also have a small cafe bar area, and sell a decent quality espresso coffee, green tea, some fruit and maybe some other food stuffs.

    There will be male and female changing rooms with showers.
    I will offer yearly contracts, monthly contracts and pay-as-you-go.

    There is a large supermarket car-park opposite and cheap street parking.
    I intend to open from 6am or 7am on weekdays, (slightly later at weekends) and close about 10pm most nights.

    I am very new to running a business or gym, even though I have spent my whole adult life, and some, in various gyms, so I am open to absolutely any advice or constructive criticism.

    What do you want to see in your gym? What do you not like??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Seems pretty good to me as I said before nothing better than a proper hardcore gym and I hope it all goes well for you!

    In addition to your list for me I would also like to see

    1 - at least one dedicated deadlift station possibly two
    2 - a ban on the muppets who do bicep curls in the squat racks, lol

    If I am ever in the area for a site meeting etc I may even pop in, when you are up and running of course.
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  3. Brixtonian

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    Thanks Mick,

    1) - I agree. I can be difficult to dedicate a rack/cage to a particular lift, as, as you noted in (2)... muppets like to train their pea-sized guns anywhere there is a decent rack with an awesome mirror in front of it!

    2) No mirrors in front of the squat racks... and a dedicated muppet bicep rack...

    Yeah feel free to come and train anytime you are down this way!

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