What is best brand QUALITY protein for my Diet?

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  1. Hello:

    I am currently on an ALL NATURAL high ALKALINE / low GI diet and would like to incorporate more PROTEIN. Throughout my research I found WHEY protein to be an ALKALINE source of protein. I am asking if anyone has any suggestions as to which BRAND is THE BEST quality PROTEIN. I am looking for a brand that is somewhat ALL NATURAL or closest to it. I am thinking about going with DESIGNER WHEY PROTEIN. Does anyone have any info. on their GLYCER LEAN WHEY PROTEIN? Is it better or just another GIMMICK? If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    ALKALINE diet? Is that for a MEDICAL condition? The word on the STREET is that it's all HYPE. (sorry, couldn't resist) I'm curious as to what sources have convinced you to such a program.

    As for commercial whey proteins, they're probably all just about the same. You might be able to tell the quality of the protein by looking to see what % of the contents are protein. For example, if a typical serving size is 30g, and the label only lists 20g protein, you've got some low quality stuff.

    As for brand name supplements you might try HSN, at least there's an assurance of quality there. Perhaps Bryan can best answer your question if he see's this post, as he is in the industry.

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