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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Lewick, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Lewick

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    i know thishas already been discuss but when i tried to find it on the board, i couldnt. im planning on doing the same diet describe on the article (eat for the size) because i know nothing about diet and that stuff and think this one will be easy to use. i weight 160 lbs and started hst 1 week ago and wanna start this diet, but got some questions. when bryan wrote _ Tbs flax, does this mean that i don't need it if i use fish oil, and if i wanted to use it, ill eat tbs flax at this meal or am i all wrong?? i wanna bulk up a little but dont want to gain much fat ( i know im gonna gain a little fat but dont want to go from 15% bf to 25% bf)

    thx for your helps guys!!
  2. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    Lewick, from what I understand of the EFA's, you should be getting all the Omega 3 and Omega 6 you need from the fish oil and wouldn't need to supplement with flax oil. Apparently the flax oil conversion rate to EFA's is only about 5 % anyway so the fish oil, altho more expensive, is a quantum leap ahead in efficiency. Look on netrition.com for pharmaceutical grade fish oil at a competitive price. I think Vicious found some there by a company called PBL, or some acronym like that.
  3. morded

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    the only thing I would add to that is there seems o be some reccs to add a source of gla into the diet as well. poliquin makes a fish oil with this added in already, but I think if you eat two servings a week of slow cooked oats you will get the needed amount. I don't know if this still holds true when you get older as the conversion rate is lower.

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