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Sonny, there is no doubt that a diet into the extreme of any Macronutrient isn't the best. This article has a few hidden meanings though that I would like to address, just for the heck of it.

1. Having been to China and seen the way these people live, and remember that besides Hong Kong the vast majority of people live in extreme rural development and have a very harsh life, the main idea I have to get across is the people are not sedentary by any stretch of the imagination. They work very long hours and do not sit around watching "Survivor". The idea that they consume more calories per bodyweight is directly connected to this environment, more activity=more calories expended. So it's no wonder they have a different lipid profile.

2. Secondly there is nothing in this article that defines the inherent problems that come with low protein ingestion, low newborn birth weight, bone disease, immune disorder and many others that the Chinese contend with every day.

3. I think it would be nice if a study were posted that showed IF increasing protein ratio in the Chinese diet had any positive impact and also if additional protein in their diets then started causing any of the Cardio Vascular disease that we see in America.

4. Lastly but most importantly to put this into the context of a Body Building Forum, a 10% Macro content of protein IMHO would not be the most conducive to adding muscle.
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Quote[/b] (Sonny @ Nov. 25 2004,3:33)]But still a good read .
Good, dunno? It seemed to be a bit one sided in favor of bashing the Lo-Carbers.

Interesting, absolutley
thanks for the link :D
Based on the research I've seen, the China Project simply underscores that a high cholesterol diet is bad for your health. I think it's dangerous to equate protein with cholesterol. It's very easy to get the former without the latter.