found some in my flat - my girlf used to take it. wondering whether to take it? will it affect my gains on hst?
It will probably help you work with a hightened intensity, but it will probably also help you get rid of calories - which means you'd have to eat just a little more.

Try them and see what happens...You probably don't have to worry about them ruining your cycle or anything, but be careful when you're playing with ephedrine if you don't know if you can handle it or not. I'm in the little group of people who can take a double dose of ephedrine hcl and go back to sleep, while other people will get the jitters from seeing a box of sudafed in a shop window.
i dont think its got that in...
this is what it says on the tub:

yerba mate
bitter orange
green tea
ginger root

seems to be more of a herbal thing?
ephedrine is also generally herbally extracted from a chinese herb called ma huang. even the pharmaceutical grade ephedrineHCL i think originally has to be extracted from it (correct me if wrong).

your girlfriend's xenadrine is probably their new EFX version, which is ephedra-free.
i'm not sure, its by cytodyne and called xenadrine rfa-1
damo, There are basically two different versions of these kinds of fat burners: with or without ephedrine. As far as I'm concerned you might as well take a cup of coffee before working out if it doesn't have ephedrine in it. It'll cost more than it's worth. But that's just me...

Anyway - try it out. The worst thing that can happen is that you'll feel sick and jittery for a couple of hours ;)
eh cheeky, they've been pushed way out my diet