1. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I picked some of this up over the weekend. It's expensive, but I read so many positive things, that I had to try it. It is a topical yohimbine product that claims it will reduce the "hard to lose" areas that are riddled with A2 receptors. These are estrogen driven fat deposits like the lower pecs and abs as well as under the chin.

    It definitely lives up to it's name. It burns for a while after application. It's too early to give it a fair review, but I definitely notice a decrease in the bit of fat under my chin (hereditary) and on my pecs after 2 applications. I have only used it once on my lower abs so I have seen nothing there yet.

    Anyone else use it or know about it? If this does work as advertised, I will finally get rid of the love handles that never seem to totally dissapear no matter how lean I get.

  2. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    Where'd you get it, Steve? I've never heard of it, and I didn't see it at Netrition.com.
  3. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I actually picked it up at a local supp shop, but you can try here


    It's pricey, but if it works, it would be worth it.

  4. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    Keep us posted on the results!
  5. Impulse

    Impulse New Member

    The best thing to burn fat in those "hard-to-lose" areas (well, it doesn't actually burn fat perse) is Yohcaftir gel (yohimbine+caffeine+tyrosine). Those three compounds work in sinergy and block the alfa-andregenic receptors.
    Many people don't know that ephedrine in the EC stack actually stimulates those receptors, so it makes it almost impossible to lose fat on those areas (lower abs in men...).
    The gel is quite popular in my country (you apply the gel with your hands). I have never seen people talking about it on foreign forums nor HST forum (that surprises me alot).

  6. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I've never heard of Yohcaftir.  Where do you live?  I've also never heard that Ephedrine having that effect.  I know that Ephedrine doesn't target the A2 receptors, but I've never heard of it stimulating them.

    Do you know where I could find out more about the Yohcaftir?

  7. Impulse

    Impulse New Member

    I live in Slovenia. I'm quite sure of ephedrine having negative effect on burning fat in those areas (high with alfa andregenic receptors, it think it stimulates them - 90% sure of that), since I've heard it "thousands" of times at our Forum.
    I ordered the gel at [email protected] (don't know about distribution to Australia - you'll have to check that out for yourself, and also for that stimulation thing...)

    The other thing that surprises me that guys here don't talk about MCT oil (I believe it is very useful, specially when dieting)...

  8. Massimo1

    Massimo1 New Member

    You should also consider Lipo-Burn from SAN. It has yohimbine in it, plus forskolin, aminophylline, theophylline and usnic acid, all of which help delete fat. Yohimburn is pretty much just yohimbine, though it does have a singularly high amount in it. Lipo-burn is considerably cheaper, though. I get it from www.bestbodysupplements.com
  9. Garratt

    Garratt New Member

    Steve is it helping gyno?:confused:?
  10. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Garratt, I don't have true Gyno, just some extra fat on my lower chest.  This was so much worse when I was a fat guy.  

    I have been using it for a week.  Actually 5 applications and will take the next 2 days off. A 5 on 2 off cycle is recommended.   I can say that I have noticed a difference in my chest and under my chin.  I think I am starting to see some effect on the low abs as well, but it's too early to tell since I have more fat there.  I have had NO systemic effects at all from it.  I have tried the oral form and had some pretty harsh sides.  I am using the Yohimburn with E/C, and have had no side effects at all.  I apply it in the morning to my lower abs and at night to my chest and chin.  There may be some water retention in the areas I am using it, but not much if there's any.  I will keep everyone updated as I go.  

    As far as true gyno goes, I have read that it may indirectly help by decreasing the estrogenic effects of the fat deposits as they disappear which in turn decreases the gyno (I could be wrong on this though).

  11. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Just wanted to give an update on my progress with the Yohimburn.  

    I've been using it for 2 weeks (5 days on/2 off) and I decided to do a quick wasit(navel) measurement yesterday.  My waist is down 1 inch in two weeks.  My chest is much more defined as well.  I started using it on my upper abs and obliques last week, and they are more visible now too.  It does cause some water retention, so the results are more noticable on the days off.  

    I can't say that it is all due to the Yohimburn,  I was doing the two weeks of 15s during these 2 weeks, but I also dropped all cardio.  I will be resuming the cardio this week while doing the 10s, so perhaps things will speed up even more.  I will say that I have never been able to lose fat this fast before no matter what I have done.

    My initial opinion of this stuff is that it works as advertised.  

  12. jules

    jules New Member

    to the guy who lives in australia

    1st thing you lucky bastard!!! i have just come home (england) after spending a year there- my visa ran out :mad:

    But the one thing I do have to say is that do not by any means try and import yohimbine or any derirative into Aus- because it is in the same drug classification as heroin???!!!

    my mum tried to send me some adipokinetix (syntrax) -contains norephedrine and yohimbine, anyway i waited ages and ages for my little vitamins and one day a postman knocks on my door and asks me to sign for something- it wasnt my pills but a letter from the Australian Customs Service!!!!

    the letter told me I had imported an illegal substance........had to provide an import licence etc @#%!, @#%!, @#%!. so i called them up and asked if they were pulling my @#%!- i said it is legal in the u.s.a. etc so why not aus? I asked if they would return them to the sender- not a fucking chance, again they told me I need an export licence- wankers!!!

    so just thought i'd let you know

    strangest thing is they didnt mention the norephedrine- it was just the yohimbine
  13. Hey Steve, when you get a chance, I'd love an update on the Yohimburn.
  14. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Hey E, I actually forgot to measure last weekend, and unless I've been off it for a couple of days I tend to hold some water so I have to wait until next this weekend. I can say that visually I look better around the chest, low abs/love handles, and under my chin. I really think the real results will be seen around a week after I stop using it, once I can drop all of the water. If it works like I think it will, I would say that it's worth the $$. But, I will with hold final judgement until I finish the cycle.

  15. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    If you took bf% measurement posting pre- and post yohimburn, please let us know. Thanks.
  16. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    I actually didn't do BF% because I can't for the life of me use the #### calipers I have.  I did take tape measurements and I have pictures before and I will take more after this cycle of HST which will be 6 weeks on the yohimburn (I think).  I may post them if I can get up the guts to do it.   [​IMG]

  17. rgallucci

    rgallucci New Member

    This may sound like a strange question, but how does Yohimburn smell? Maybe you oldtimers know what I am talking about. I bought some Yo-Be-Lean some years ago and it smelled so girly, I couldn't use it without people commenting how "pretty" I smelled. I still have it in my cupboard, because it was so expensive I can't bring myself to throw it away, but it's so smelly, I can't use it. :mad:
  18. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Yohimburn smells like peppermint.  I spend half my morning smelling like a candy cane.  Actually, the smell fades in about an hour.  On the upside though it really does seem to be working.  It has reshaped my chest very nicely and although it has worked slower on my low abs, it has made a big difference.  I will post measurements and hopefully some pictures when i finish with the cycle.

  19. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith New Member

    Steve, you still checking these forums? Your last post was June 21st heh, did Yohimburn work?
  20. Steve McDermott

    Steve McDermott New Member

    Yep, I'm here almost every day.

    Actually, I did get some results from Yohimburn, but then tried Lipoder-Y from Avant labs. It worked much better for me. They should actually have an ultra version coming out soon which will address the water retention issue that happens with all topical yohimbine hcl products.

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