Zig Zagging Calories




Just getting back into HST after 4 months off.

Goal is to put on some muscle mass while staying lean.

Am thinking about keeping protein up at 1g per 1b each day but reducing carbs and cals on off days?

Does this sound sensible? Or are the calories even more important on off days? Perhaps thats when you grow?

Any comments appreciated.

Dear damo,

The zig-zagging of calories is an interesting idea but it just might compromise growth.

Let's say you have found the level of calories required per day for growth. This needs to be consumed on your off days too, since protein synthesis from a HST workout lasts 36-48 hours, which spills over into a non-workout day, assuming you train on alternate days.

This means being protein and calorie adequate on your off days if growth is not to be compromised.

As for staying lean, why don't you track your calorie intake and on a weekly basis, determine your weight gain? Gaining more than 2 lbs a week is too much, and it is optimal to shoot for a pound or so a week of weight gain. Track your weight from there and adjust your calories as necessary, eating the same on workout and non-workout days.

Godspeed, and happy HSTing :)