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I'm on Zone-diet right now (been about 2 months) and i've been getting good results. I've been gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. Is there anyone else doing Zone? What kind of results do u get. I'm following Zone with those food blocks designed for athletics. 2 grams of protein X fat free bodyweight. I'm not hungry at all, and i recover very well (i do 6 times a week, splitted HST), so it suites me fine.
There's nothing special about the Zone ratio, outside of providing sufficent calories, protein and EFAs. How you play around with carbs and fat within these criteria rarely makes any huge difference, although you will find that some people handle carbs better than others (related to insulin sensitivity and factors such as training volume and modality).
As that carp-ratio seems to work best for me, and consuming a lot more protein doesn't make sense either, to get more calories, should i just add more fat on my diet?
if it is working as it suppose to be

don't change anything

if you want to add more mass sooner you have to eat more
(assuming your training is OK best e.g. HST)
Hi Ernie, I guess I am the resident Zoner here. I have used it for well over 5 years now. I still use it simply because of the appetite suppression and because it works for me. Plus the Doc is very pleased with my blood.

The 'athlete' program requires atleast 1 gram per pound lbm of protein then add as much 'healthy' fat as u need to start gaining (usually doubling the fat amount).