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  1. Scubby
    Scubby Bryan Haycock
    Hey Bryan! Do you still have your hypertrophy specific website up? I can't seem to find it anymore.
  2. _dark_master_v2
    PPL Myo reps 2on1off OMAD
  3. _dark_master_v2
  4. Robthebod
    Hey everyone. Glad to be able finally to contribute to the forums!
  5. cjasonpa
    cjasonpa Bryan Haycock
    Oops, for some reason the link didn't work... but if you copy & paste this into google it should be the first one that comes up:

    11 Best Supplements to Build Muscle Mass Muscle & Fitness
  6. cjasonpa
    cjasonpa Bryan Haycock
    Hi bryan, i know you've mentioned some good supplements are protein, creatine & HMB. I saw Muscle & Fitness recommending a few others, but i trust you a lot more because from all the research you’ve done.
    A few of the supplements they mention that i wanted to ask you about to see if you've looked into any research on them are:
    Arginine, BCAA's , Beta-Alanine, ZMA

    Here's the article link:

  7. cjasonpa
    cjasonpa Bryan Haycock
    Hi Bryan, first off thank you for creating HST, I recently started with it & it seems amazing. 2 Q's for you if I could:
    1) When I'm doing an am/pm split, should I take some protein before & after each one (so 4 times/day)?
    2) What are your thoughts on regular whey & whey isolate? I notice isolate is usually a bit more expensive, is it worth it for me to purchase the isolate or just go with the regular?
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    Astrologer Vikesh Maharaj
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  10. Jacob Morrow
    Jacob Morrow
    I'm new to this site. Looking for advice on whether I should bulk or cut and for how long of each. Anyone?
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  13. sheraz balam
    sheraz balam
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  14. ijaz ahmed
    ijaz ahmed
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    joe hale
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