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    HST with limited weights/equipment?

    Some ideas: - Convince the one responsible for the gym to buy heavier dumbells/extra weights for the machines - Try a 20-15-10 scheme instead of 15-10-5 - Add some fly exercises Rommeke_
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    Newbie girl with HST - training day's in arow

    Nico, It's more the other way around; most muscle keeps growing for about 48 hours after training, that's why we train every 48 hours. In HST, it is not considered necessary for the muscle to "recover" completely. I trained on saturday, sunday, tuesday for a year or so. It's...
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    Cardio for those that walk anyway

    ian, Doing "cardio" has two benefits: 1. Your cardiovascular conditioning is improved 2. You burn more calories than when you do nothing. People that normally do nothing, lose fat when they start doing cardio, and burn more calories than they eat. In fact, you don't have to do...
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    Did I SD right?

    In my last HST cycle, I only did 1 week of negs, and only on some (upper body) exercises (skiing is probably more of a legs and stabilizer muscles thing). So I think I'll just tack on two more days of SD and then just go for it. Thanks, Rommeke_
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    Did I SD right?

    The first five days of my SD I did "nothing". But the next four days I did some downhill skiing. After that I had two more days of "real SD". So that's a total of 9 days without weight lifting. But should I go back to the gym now, or should I add some more days or even a...
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    cardio on an empty stomach

    ahmed_uk, In the end, it's all calories in minus calories out. As long as you eat less calories than you burn, over say a one week period, you will lose fat. The trick of course is not to lose muscle also; with weight training (HST) during cutting you will minimise muscle loss while losing...
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    beans with alternatives other than rice and pasta?

    Combinations of on one hand beans/peas/peanuts, and on the other hand grains/nuts are supposed to form complete proteins. However, if you are a bodybuilder, and are trying to eat a bodybuilder's amount of protein (about 2,2 grams of protein/kg of body weight), it would be (almost) impossible to...
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    Protein & glucose before/after massage

    Before I work out, I have 25 grams of protein, and after my workout I have another 25 grams of protein + 50 grams of glucose. Should I have the same before and after a massage, or should I leave out the glucose? I am taking the glucose to achieve an insulin spike to promote growth (hopefully...
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    Am I hitting all main muscle groups?

    For my second HST cycle, I am changing some exercizes around for variation. But I am wondering if I am hitting all main muscle groups, or if some exercizes overlap? I have picked these exercizes for my 2nd HST cycle: legs: - squat - leg curl - calf raise upper body: - bench press - pulldown/chin...