15-20% Total Cals From Protein

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Tom Treutlein, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Tom Treutlein

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    Who has done this and actually had good results? I'm looking at giving it a shot. I'm a bit thicker (not fat, not even a belly, just a little softness) so I figured I'd use the recommendation of 20-25%. I'm hitting about 23% total cals from protein, 30% fats, and the other 47% carbs. At a bodyweight of 180 lbs., I figure 178 grams of protein (+46 on training days) would be enough.

    Anyone ever do something similar? I hear people always recommending more, including DC/Dante, who produces mass monsters. I'm not looking to be a monster, by any means. Ideally, 210-220 @ 10-12% BF. Looking to be a muay thai fighter, mainly. Just building a nice base now, and fulfilling my quench for vanity while I'm still in HS.

    So. Input. Yes.
  2. baby a

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    Just eat 1 g/lb of BW and don't adjust up or down on training days. Try not to focus so much on percentages.
  3. Nemesis7884

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    1.5g per kg of lean body mass would be allready enough...most tend to go to 2g per lean body kg..(therefore approx. 1g/lean lb)

    take a look at pre/post workout nutrition articles

    some people also take a look on the different type of proteins (in the meaning of release times) and some consume slow digesting protein before they go to bed to make sure they have a protein flowing around during the night (since it cant be stored effectively)

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