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    I have completed the 10s and 5s of my first HST cycle (skipped 15s). I know that I have not eaten enough as my body weight has not really increased much in the past 4 weeks (gained 1-2 lbs total), but my measurements still look to have improved. For example, my chest measurement has increased 1", my thighs 0.375", calves 0.25" -- pretty much everything increased but my waistline. Is this possible without the big weight gain, or is the most probable explanation an inconsistency of measurement? Also, I'm looking for a little advice. As I'm going into my last 2 weeks, I was considering either repeating 5s or doing 3s. Which is preferred? If I do 3s, is it proper to do a zig-zag, or should I just start with where I left off with the 5s and move up from there? Thanks.
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    The increase in measurements is likely due to increased glycogen storage in your muscles. If it disappears during SD, then you'll know. Start eating more. There isn't much point in lifting if you aren't going to follow an adequate diet.

    I would prefer to not repeat the 5s. Either stick with your 5 RMs for two more weeks or progress from there and drop reps down to 3 as necessary so that you can continue to progress. Of course if you are going to continue to eat like a sparrow then I would recommend against this plan as you need an excess of calories to lift in that fashion and not risk an injury. So either up your calories now and do as you plan for the next couple of weeks or else just find your new maxes, start your SD and get a diet plan in order before starting your next cycle.

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    I know, I know.... I was eating like a horse and had gained 3 lbs during the 10s, but then I had to go out of the country during my first week of 5s and the wheels fell off... Let's just say that this country's cuisine wasn't exactly up my alley. My hotel had a nice gym, so I didn't miss any workouts, but I lost 3 lbs since I wasn't eating as much. I've been back a little over a week and have gained back 2-3 lbs, so I'm heading in the right direction.

    Since you mentioned a diet plan, what are the staples of your diet? I try to eat a lot of chicken breast, but I was wondering if you had any favorite, easy-to-prepare items that pack a lot of protein...

    Thanks for answering my other question as well. I chose to continue my 5RMs, and I plan to push the weight up as I'm nearing the end of the cycle.
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    Chicken is great but beef is seriously under rated by most. It isn't considered a "clean" food so a lot of people bypass it. But I love beef. Eat as much beef as you can. Crock pot recipes are great. Just throw a bunch of stuff in the pot before work or before bed, then after work or when you get up in the morning, you have your food. I know a few good recipes for high protein foods you can make in a crock pot. And if you are on the run and don't have time, fast food won't kill you. Double cheeseburgers have an average of 25 grams of protein per sandwich, depending on which restaurant chain you go to.

    You can also try drinking a gainer shake before bed or at some point after dinner each night. The recipe I use is:
    2 cups whole milk (whole milk is strongly preferred)
    6-8 scoops of whey
    1/4 cup olive oil (you can use coconut or something if you prefer but I use olive oil)

    This comes out to over 1000 calories and up to 200 grams of protein. You'll need to use a blender to mix it. Chug one of those each night and you should pack on the weight no problem.

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    Thanks for the info. You seem to know a lot over a wide range of topics in kinesiology / physiology / nutrition. And even more impressive is your willingness to help others achieve their goals... If you don't mind me asking, what is your background?
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    Believe it or not, I work for a management company that owns a chain of restaurants. I do IT work for them, training and various other duties. Nothing remotely related. Hah.

    But helping people is a compulsion for me. It's just something I have to do to stay happy in life.

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    IT, eh? I'm surprised your first reaction to every question isn't "Did you try strategically deconditioning already?" :p

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