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Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by boggy, Dec 19, 2003.

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    1)How much weight should I expect to lose in the week following the end of a cycle due to glicogen(upper and lower bounds)?
    I ended at 70,5kg BW and I decreased carb intake from 300g to around 200g. (macro % almost unchanged).I would like to know bcause I wanna see if I'm really eating maintainance cals.
    2)I'm forced to stop creatine supp for maybe aweek (waitin for the shipping),should I reload it when i start again?
    Also in such a short time frame can I lose weight due to creatine lack(related to question 1)?
  2. I've never seen more than a 5-pound dip at bodyweights of 220-240. Most of the dip will hit in the first few days of reduced calories.

    You won't need to reload after a one-week layoff from creatine -- it goes down slowly. But it won't hurt if you do so. If you want to split the difference, you can either go on a loading dose just for a few days, or just use an oversize maintenance dose for the first few days.
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    thank u ed

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