2016 Log

Day 152

DL, V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270kg@9 speed. Getting there. Will try || stance tomorrow perhaps. Either way, I still need to get more back involved.

Leaning abs; 10-60kg.


DL, || stance, explosive; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9.5 speed. Fuck yeh.
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Day 153

DL, || stance, explosive; 1-210kg, 250kg, 260kg. Felt shit today, still some holdover gut issues, hamstring tight, couldn’t get my form sorted.

Will try again later today.


DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed. Found my groove again, pulling 3 inches of slack out (felt like). Best rep I’ve pulled in weeks.
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Day 154

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg@10 speed. Just couldn’t get into my space today. Will attempt re-introduction of caffeine tomorrow, hopefully that assists. Tiring of these baby weights.

Leaning abs; 12-60kg. Progress here in reps and form at least.


DL, || stance, explosive; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed. Hamstring-glute intersection still tightish.
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Day 155

DL, || stance, knees forward explosive; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9-9.5 speed. Back to familiar territory at last, 280kg daily minimum at 5:30am. Looks like I’ll give this stance a little more airtime, at least for the moment.

Leaning abs; 10-60kg.

High seat spinal rows; 3x15-100kg. Working on a theory. High volume of these, twice a week.
Not sure where exactly you are down there, but I hope you and your family are somewhere safe.

Thanks mate, we are indeed safe. We’re in a suburb of Melbourne, which is the capital fort of Victoria, one of the two most fire-affected states. Hundreds of km’s between the flames and us.

Others are nowhere near to being so lucky, unfortunately.
Day 156

DL, || stance, knees forward explosive; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 270kg, 290kg@9.5-10. The break is very fast, sticking point at the knees, way more glutes intensive than before, so possibly need to add in more SLDL maxes.
Day 158

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270@ speed. Shit session. can’t quite find my old groove and bracing.

Seated DL; 2x3-250kg.

Leaning abs; 10-60kg.


DL; minor V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9.75. Practiced bracing hard, and pulling the slack. Reps
Were on point finally.
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Day 159

Block pulls, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 280kg@9.5 speed. No way I was pulling this from the floor today. It was fine once it got moving.

Cut short, life events etc.
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Day 160

DL, || stance; 3-210kg, 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270g, 280kg@9-9.5 speed. Found my form again after it going AWOL for a month and me also tinkering with a bunch of shit. Lowered belt position, bracing on point, slack being pulled magnificently.

Kept the weights honest and didn’t load up infinite bumpers this time, or else 290 would’ve been there. All back and glutes, no hamstring or quad shit getting in the way.

Worked out later in the day, on food, but also only on about 4hrs sleep. Breaks even I suspect.

Leaning abs: 10-60kg. Tough and satisfying as always.

Lat shoulder raises; 3x10-10kg per side.
Day 161

DL, || stance; 3-210kg, 1-230kh, 250kg, 260kg, 280kg@10 speed. Glute/hamstring issue is still some time away from being 100%, but I don’t think I had a shot at 280 last week, so it’s still improving. It was pushed today, though. Form a little bit less on point then yesterday, but still better than it generally has been. Probably block pulls tomorrow, I want something really heavy.

Lat pull down, leaned back, myoreps; 60kg- 12+4x5. Activation set was a bit lazy, probably could’ve hit 15-18, will do so next time.

Spinal rows; 12-120kg.
Day 161

DL, V stance, knees forward explosive; 3-210kg, 2-230kg, 1-250kg, 260kg, 270kg, 280kg@9.5 speed. 290 wasn’t quite there.

High seat spinal rows; 12,10-120kg.

OHP, EMOM; 5x5-60kg.
Day 162,

DL, || stance; 3-210kg, 2-230kg, 1-250kg, 270kg@slow. 280 broke and nothing else. Very odd and perplexing session. The hamstring/glute is feeling a bit better following more disciplined sleep. The slack was coming out well. 250 made me think 290 was there for sure. 270 was a grind. Take the bad with the good in this case, I suppose. Gave 280 a
Few hits with different stances but it didn’t seem to want to happen.

Crunches, no cable, sparing the left shoulder.
Day 163

DL, || stance, explosive; 1-210kg, 230kg, 3-250kg. Took a few extra moments between rep 2 and 3 but I’m still calling it. I don’t think my ‘usual’ form will work until hamstring is back to normal. Which isn’t now.

Leaning abs; 10-60kg.

SSB GM; 10-60kg. Probably a lot of these in my future as rehab/rehab help.
Day 164

DL, || stance, explosive; 3-210kg, 1-230kg, 250kg, 260kg@9 speed. Couldn’t break anything else. Frustrating AF.

Lat pulldown, myoreps; 60kg, 15+3x5.

DL, wide V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed. Bit chin’, didn’t feel like the injury was restricting me unlike the closer stances.
Day 165

DL, wide V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg@9 speed. Nothing higher would budge.

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed.

Maybe my existential form crisis and injury issues are behind me? Hamstring felt used but not in pain.

Wide stance is very fatiguing being all glutes and lower back.
Day 166

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 280kg@9 speed. Slow but not grindy. Nearly back to non/pre-injured state I think.

Leaning abs; 10,8-60kg.

Low seat spinal rows; 12-120kg.
Day 167

DL, flat back, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 280kg. Fast break, massive sticking point at knees, quick lockout.

Leaning abs; 2x8-60kg.

Fooled around with bands and rounded back DL. Humbling.
Day 168

DL, flat back, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 280@9 speed, sticking point. The slack came out nearly to me knee, was happy with that, but fuck me does it slow down around the knee. Hamstrings on fire etc. I have a few ideas about it.

Leaning abs; 10,6 - 60kg.