2016 Log

Day 170

DL; 1-210kg, 250kg, 260kg@9 speed.

7hrs manual labour yesterday. I’m surprise and grateful that anything moved at all. Slack came out mightily on 280 but I just didn’t have it.

New accessory protocol tomorrow.
Day 171

Block pulls; 1-210kg, 230kg. That’s all the Lowe back/S.I. waa agreeing too, thanks to a slight spasm from breaking too quickly at 210kg on Saturday morning, and then the 6-7hrs of landscaping&gardening.

Between that + the hamstring and gastro over Christmas, I’m fucking ropable right now.

SSB squats; 3x8-60kg. Time to be more disciplined and get to it.

Spinal rows; 3x15-100kg. Should’ve gone with my gut and done these on both Saturday & Sunday, generate additional blood flow. What I’d give for a reverse hyper right now.

Leaning abs; 10-55kg.


DL; 1-210kg, 250kg. Tried moving the belt lower like I did in May/June last year. So long as I make myself as fat as I can and breathe into the belt hard, the position works. Couldn’t finish on 230kg block pull.
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Day 172

Spinal rows; 12-100kg.

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg. Force transference via the S.I. is still being inhibited, but it’s better than yesterday. Shitty that it’s not immediately healed but that’s life (obviously). I managed to ‘slip/pop’ something back into place yesterday and it felt great.

Pendlay rows; 3x5-120kg. Kept these as strict as possible, and they confirmed that the S.I./lower back isn’t quite there yet.

Bench/Larson Press; 10-60kg, 5,4,3-80kg. The reclamation project has begun.

Spinal rows; 3x10-120kg. I think these will be a four day a week prospect.

Not sure if squat variations for hypertrophy or pure strength rep ranges is better re: recovery. Will have to find out.
Day 173

Spinal rows; 10-100kg

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 1-230kg, 250kg, 260kg. 280 was close to budging but just did it’s quite want to yet. Nearly back to normal.

Spinal rows; 3x10-120kg.
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Day 174

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270kg, 280kg@9 speed. Aw, yeah.

SSB squats; 5-60kg, 4x3-80kg. Tried box squats, too awkward putting been here in the rack. Going to move to ascending triples to near-max triple rather than speed triples. Keep Monday as higher volume.

Spinal rows; 3x10-120kg.

Everything feeling great right now.
Day 175

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, [email protected] speed. Less than/about five hours sleep. Just wanted to get it done quickly and not waste energy on a million sets - didn’t have the endurance for it.

BB rows; 3x6-120kg. Aiming to increase the rep count to 8-10ish and then add load, rinse and repeat.

Larson press; 5-60kg, 3-80kg, 85kg, [email protected]. Ramping triples has always restored strength quickly for me. Going to employ it again.

Spinal rows; 3x10-120kg.
Day 176

Spinal rows: 10-100kg.

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg@5, 280@9, [email protected] speed. Back to business as fucking usual. Took long enough.

250 moved as fast as it ever has, 280 I was out of position but still knew I had more in the tank. Couldn’t be happier that 300 is back in its place. Possibly time to PR before vacation in 2 months (almost leaving to the day, in March).

Spinal rows and SSBs are already paying off.
Day 177

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, medium V stance, beltless; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg@9. 270 was there, 280 maaaayyybee @11. I decided it was better to hit a good rep under harder conditions and save the heavy stuff for tomorrow onwards.

Could have pulled the slack out a tiny bit better.
Day 178

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280g@10 speed. I should’ve built up to the max load more, thought I was time crunched when I wasn’t. Lost the popping form from the past week a little, so will make sure to work at that. Right hamstring a little tight but I’m fairly certain I know why.

SSB; 3-60kg, 80kg, 100kg@9. Getting there. Widened up the stance a bit, hitting better depth now.

Spinal rows; 12,12,10-120kg. Going to stick at 10 rep sets and increase the load gently, I think.

Bench; 10-60kg, 1-80kg, 90kg, [email protected], [email protected].

DL; medium V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed. Much much better than this morning. First attempt at 280 flew up and straight down as I’d set it up too far in front. Second one was perfect and 300 was likely there if I hadn’t already lifted once today.

The trick will be getting a good lift in tomorrow and not being overly affected by the fatigue.
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Day 179

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 260kg@9. 280 budged but that was it. Shouldn’t have doubled up yesterday, was getting nothing from lower body.

Trap-bar rows; 3x6 +100kg. Assuming the bar nominally weighs 20kg.

Spinal rows; 3x8-130kg.
Day 180

Spinal rows; 10-100kg.

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg FAIL. Something on the right side spasmed/gave out during the rep. Suspect it has been a week or two coming, likely overdid it with the spinal rows. Trap
Bar rows definitely didn’t help.

Will see how it feels later and tomorrow.

DL, || stance, knees forward; 1-210k, 250kg. Still tightened up a bit but fine at lower weights. Will see where we are at tomorrow.
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Day 181

DL, medium V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg. 250 wouldn’t budge.

Spinal rows; 3x15-100kg. I should keep these at higher reps after all, and be extremely conservative with the load. Either 4 days a week or all 5, sparing the weekend.

DL, medium V stance, high belt; 1-210kg, 250kg. 280Kg budged ever so barely. I need more practice if I’m going to use this much higher belt position. It changes a lot of ‘feel’ about the lift, but felt a lot better when dealing with the strained erector.

Guess we will see. At least 300 was there on Saturday.

Wasn’t game for squats today without filling trusting the erector, but I really do need to rebuild my quads.
Day 183

DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, [email protected]. Much better today. Now it’s just a matter of the erector having physical confidence back.

WG cable rows; 12,12,10-100kg.

Abs; 2x15-40kg.

Edit; the full range rows aren’t feeling great a few hours later. May stick to these with a Stable torso so as not to impede recovery.


DL, flat back, V stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, [email protected] speed. Slack pulling on point. The legs aren’t giving much for now but that will change. If I can stay in 280 range, I’ll give flat back a whirl for a while.
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Day 185

DL, V stance, flat back; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg@slow. Round back; 250kg, 260kg@9.

The DOMS for glutes and hamstrings is just too much for flat back style.

Larson being; 10-60kg, 3-80kg, 90kg. [email protected]. Starting to get back into the flow. Time to bring in more work sets.

Cable rows; 2x10-110kg. Right erector felt a little twitchy. Will restrict these re: ROM for a while. Might move to BB if I can figure out a quick setup.


DL, || stance; 1-210kg, 250kg, 280kg@9 speed. Perfect but tired. Definitely sticking with this moving forward.
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Day 186

DL, V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 260kg, 270kg, [email protected] speed, no sticking points. Felt amazing. I did a few reps earlier in the day but interruptes by Soph being a bit sick today.
Day 187

2.5” Block pull, V stance; 1-210kg, 230kg, 250kg, 270kg, 280kg@9. 290 failed with hard plate loading. Think I would’ve gotten it @11 with easier loading, but no need to trash myself after a great pull yesterday.

CG Larson bench; 5-60kg, 5x3-80kg, EMOM.

Cable rows, flat back; 2x10-100kg. These are shit. Going back to pull ROM.

Thoracic cable pull-throughs; 2x10-50kg.

Abs; 1x20-50kg.
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Day 188

4” Deficit, V stance; 1-210kg, 220kg, 220kg@9. These were humbling. Beyond humbling. The ‘box’ is actually soft gym mats, so some of the force just transfers into compressing those mats. Nonetheless, it couldn’t be clearer that I have a glaring need for more leg strength.

How to address that without compromising daily deadlifts is another question though. I will start by adding reps to the lower load sets for these deficit days for start. And then try to figure out which two says of the week have time for squats.

Abs; 1x20-50kg.
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