5x5 Question


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I'm thinking of doing a round of the 5x5 routine just for a change of pace.

Just out of curiousity...

Is there a difference between doing a seated cable row versus doing a bent over barbell row?

With my set up I have at home it woud make it a bit easier to do the cable rows, but if it's a lot better to do the barbell rows I'll go that route.

Your advise and suggestions are always appreciated.
IMO, I think it is much less awkward to do the seated cable row, but your preferences may differ from mine. One benefit of the seated cable row is that you can really pinch your back making it much more effective of an exercise.
I would tend to think the barbell version would tend to be more effective because it involves more overall muscles.

That said, I don't have any science to back that up and I personally don't do rows because they involve putting my lower back in a "compromised" position for extended periods of time.

I'm sure you can make progress with the cable rows.
Cleans are a more of a multi-joint whole body exersize, not as effective in the purpose of hypertrophy, which is the OP's intent, I believe.
SweetDaddy had it right: more mass building is when you grab a weight and move the dang thing.
Seated Rows are more of the intent of isolating muscles, not bad in itself if you're one of the competitors doing twelve exersizes per bodypart...but more bang for the buck is always...
Grab a Weight and Move it!

SDP: you may wish to consider that the very exersizes that bother the back are the ones that strengthen it. I speak as one released from back pain and lifting heavy. Using the very exersizes the chiro and docs told me to avoid to "save" my back. Sheeeyut.