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  1. bbufflikebroly

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    Any new studies that validate some principles or have a counter argument to some of the principles used in the program? Also any new studies that we can add on to the program?
  2. bbufflikebroly

    bbufflikebroly New Member

    Bumping some studies (general studies in how to build muscle) (both types of PL and BB training generate similar hypertrophy) (both high and low load to failure create similar hypertrophy) (mentions that high resistance training may have greater improvements for strength and hypertrophy)

    It seems that light loads also induce hypertrophy but they have to be taken to failure
  3. Bryan Haycock

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    Here's a nice one in support of Strategic Deconditioning.

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    Hey cool study... man that really gives SD support
  5. Renky

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    I personally think that strategic deconditioning is critical. This year I took about 3 months off and consider it to be one of the best things I did. Surprisingly, I did not seem to lose all that much in muscle. I doubt that you need to take that much time off, but I am thinking regular 2 week SD's will be part of my regimen.
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