Anyone have a subscription to Flex Magazine?

Discussion in 'FYI' started by HST123, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. HST123

    HST123 New Member

    Was wondering if it is a good magazine worthy of a subscription? or is it just a nice advertisement for supplements?

    Also what is Bryan's section like? does he have a large article or just a small column?
  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator

    I've got a monthly column in FLEX. Generally its Q&A format and I tackle two questions per issue. Robbie Durand is great to work for and I think he has taken FLEX in a good direction.
  3. HST123

    HST123 New Member

    Thanks Bryan,

    I am in Australia so don't think I will find it in a magazine store to check it out.

    I managed to get someone to buy the first issue with your article in it(the one with Arnie on the front), so I could see what you were writing about, haven't got my hands on it yet though.

    So you can tell Robbie that you writing for the magazine has sold at least one extra issue, think that will impress him?
  4. caramba

    caramba New Member

    If you have an iPad or iPhone you can download subscription, or by number, from apple store.
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  5. HST123

    HST123 New Member

    Yes thanks, I have seen it on iTunes, however I have neither an iPhone or iPad
  6. caramba

    caramba New Member

    From what i read you can download to your desktop too. Google if you don't find the address let
    Me know and I will look up the address next time I am at my iPad .

    I am here:
  7. caramba

    caramba New Member

    I read somewhere you can download digital issues for desktop. Google it .
  8. HST123

    HST123 New Member

    Yeah thanks I have looked at that too, think it is the UK version which you can download online

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