Beer drinkers beware!!!!

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by BIZ, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Whoever wants more estrogen receptors in your liver, raise your beer!!!
  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Beer is estrogenic, but it makes women photogenic. :)

    I heard that beer's "estrogenic" properties are far worse than soy, and is the reason for "beer gut." You figure this applies for hard liquor too? [​IMG]

  3. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Yeah, I think the study just used alcohol actually. That explains why my lazy friend who drinks a lot of beer has a beer gut and nice boobs too!
  4. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Does he like drinking from his bra? [​IMG]

    I heard that the estrogenic properties from beer has to do with the alcohol being made from grain. Wine doesn't have this problem, but liquor would.

    You know, I wonder if beer and soy makes women's . . .

  5. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    He could if he really set his mind to it! Maybe I can convince him to try it for a party gag...

    Beer has just been removed from dietary requirements handbook. Man, I'll miss that ice cold cheap beer on Friday's. [​IMG]

    Oh well, if I can save some muscle I'll give up the booze.

    Are you with me vicious??
  6. vicious

    vicious New Member

    I like to periodize my training. Usually I switch between HST and PST (party specific training.) MY PST cycle is 2 weeks with progressive shots of vodka and whiskey (though not to failure, no sir!) followed by a 8-week strategic deconditioning period. Strategically, I do HST during it. :)

    But seriously these studies apply more to boozers than the occasional pisser. Perhaps hydrate oneself (thus aiding the liver and decreasing alcohol's damaging effect) while drinking helps. Detox while intox.

  7. Bob Evans

    Bob Evans Member

    No wonder it makes women horny. [​IMG]
  8. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    HAHAHA! Good one vicious! Bryan one said that one should avoid alcohol as much as possible, not due to estrogenic effects, but due to suppresion of testosterone production. I guess one who drinks even occasionally would be wasting his money on prohormones and such due to this effect? The prohormones may just be serving to bring test back to baseline after a binge weekend?
  9. vicious

    vicious New Member

    And that could be why. Higher estrogen levels tanks test levels. We know beer hurts protein synthesis (your firend's glycogen is "beechwood-aged")

    However, yes, I can see how drinking (or smokingsnortingshootinggobbing) can hurt your hormonal profile. People forget that alcohol is a poison. Your body is not accustomed to ingesting large amounts of poison. Beer does a body good? (I wish.)

    On the other hand, didn't Budweiser come out with low-carb beer? Woohoo a Ketogenic hangover!! Talk about wanting to die . . .

  10. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    Oh yeah. The commercial for low-carb beer was hilarious! A bunch of athletes training and working out and drinking beer. Can't you see it now. People at bars asking for diet beer with their buffalo wings and cheddar fries. "Hey, I'm on a diet!"

    Who do you think will be the first pro team to serve it on the side line?
  11. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Sometimes I wonder about that Brett Favre. . . .

    Hello mate, this is Lee Priest. After me and my mates do our 20-sets of wrist curls, we drink Lagerabolics, the new alcoholic postworkout drink from Fosterstech. Low in carbs so it's less filling, yet high on the glycemic index and has that famous Foster's taste. Delightful. Fortified with 40g of Fostertech's special wheat-myosin protein and creatine, Lagerabolics's unique Alcohol-Matrix Delivery System guarantees maximal Creatine upload. Crikee I can feel the creatine in my bloody head already! Ayyyy!!

    Lagerbolics. Australian for post-workout drinks.
    And coming soon, Absolut Orange, the vodka energy drink that will help you set new PR maxes!!
  12. virtualcyber

    virtualcyber New Member

    I am a bit confused ... it seems to me that the study said beer raises estrogen receptors in the liver. Is this the same thing as raising the estrogen level itself?
  13. arcturus

    arcturus New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] OMG, ROFL/LMAO. Is this the comedy relief thread?? Thanks guys, you cracked me up. Very creative. I'd say Vicious and Biz have a career in stand up comedy just waiting. Keep up the good work, and remember, "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder."
    Have a fun weekend.
  14. vicious

    vicious New Member

    I really don't know Virtualcyber. Liver metabolizes fats. Possibly the more estrogen receptors, the more fats get converted into precursors for estrogen.

    What's the difference between my girlfriend and a beer? One is cold and bitter, the other comes in a nice shiny package. Which is which? Better question: when you're drunk, does it matter? [​IMG]

  15. PPP

    PPP New Member

    Beer.. hmmm.. very nice.

    Actually i worked out during one year for about 5 times a week, with one cardio day added. Looking back, i think it was mad, spending so much time in the gym, but life as a student let me. Anyways, i would go out twice a week, on Thursday and Saturday night, clubbing and drinking _mad_ amounts of beer. On Sunday i would even go to the gym (after sleeping till 1 in the afternoon) and i would be stronger than ever! No ####, really.

    It really suprised me, but i would have so much energy on Sunday (i guess due to the carbs in beer). I was so fit (and younger) back then the late nighters wouldn't hurt me at all.
    As i got less into cardio & less fit (and slightly older) I nolonger was able to pull the same stunt on Sundays... too bad really, but it was awesome for a while. ;-)

    Here's another one: i noticed i sometimes had awesome workouts, when i drank a couple of beers about an hour before my workout. I actually experimented with it for a while, having a small Bud before going to gym.. it didn't always work, but when it did i felt as if i was on speed, being extremely strong! Someone told me it might be because the alcohol makes the blood thinner, and the carbs of course.

    Anyways, these two things in mind, i never feel bad when i occasionally have a beer night. ;-)


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