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Discussion in 'Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST)' started by Pauly, May 12, 2003.

  1. bp23

    bp23 New Member we need the weight and measurements. I know in your head you feel fat, but are not, so lets hear the current stats. would really give members something to shoot for.
  2. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    About 260lbs, 6' tall, arms 19" cold - 20"+ with pump, waist 36" (which is 2" up). Ab skinfold 12mm, suprailiac 6mm etc which puts me around 12-14%bf.
  3. Sarge Barker

    Sarge Barker New Member

    Your pics are very impressive. You look huge. Definitely someone I would not mess with, HAHA. Are you doing any shows this year? I was also curious as many others here are as to what your routine looks like.
  4. oatmealandtuna

    oatmealandtuna New Member

    Very impressive Blade. Just a question though, what is the proper method of measuring one's arms? Is there a good reference website for this kind of stuff?
  5. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oatmealandtuna: I believe there was an article a while back on T-mag, maybe someone else has a link.

    Sarge: I doubt I'll be doing any shows this year, too busy with personal training and trying to get a supplement store opened.

    My current routine:

    Chins (wide and narrow)
    Panatta Incline Press
    Chest supported T-bar rows (wide and narrow)
    Panatta Flat/Decline Press
    Donkey calf machine
    Incline hammer curls
    Overhead cable tri extensions
    Side laterals (cable alternated with dumbells every other workout)
    Bent-over laterals (cable alternated with dumbells every other workout)
    Squats alternated with leg extensions and curls every other workout.

    I do 2 sets on most exercises, drop-sets during 5s. Occasionally I do a Saturday workout as well.
  6. Thick and massive you look, Blade, impressive last shot ,especially triceps and peaked right biceps.

    I want to thank you not just for the pics, but especially for all the info you supply in these forums. Has been very helpful in designing/finetuning my cycles so far.

    Good luck with setting up your store and other activities, hope you´ll be around for a long time!

  7. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    Slightly morphed pic of Arnold there, eh? [​IMG] I think if he really looked like that, no Dorian or Coleman of today would ever be able to touch him.

    Thank you for the kind words - they are highly appreciated [​IMG]
  8. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    Yeah Blade, good work.

    Crap, I'm 5 inches taller and 25 pounds lighter.
  9. Rahl76

    Rahl76 New Member

    Great pics Blade! Definitely can see that you've put in your share of hard work.

    How do you post a pic on this site anyway?

  10. Agreed Blade, neither Yates nor Coleman would be able to touch HST´s Arnie.

    But what about this one..........?
  11. JPO

    JPO New Member


    I will continue the praise, you look impressive without a doubt. Not like the classic norweigan cross-country skier maybe but.. :)

    Seeing your routine made me wonder a bit:

    1. Chins, you say you do them wide and narrow, but what kind of grip do you use? Palms supinated, pronated or facing each other?
    2. Have you noticed any difference in your shoulders since you stoped pressing movements? Or does you front shoulders get enough work with your chestmovements?
    3. How come you only train legcurls every other time? Are your hamstrings unpropotional big to your frontquads?
    4. Do you do the excercises in that order or was it just a coincident?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I would really apreciate your thoughts on this subjects.

  12. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    andré: Sergio would beat them all, if he only could bring up his legs. Also, his biceps lacked a pronounced peak due to his long muscle bellies.


    1. Palms away from me. Never could remember the difference between 'chins' and 'pull-ups' in terms of which way the palms were facing...
    2. I've gotten good development from side- and bent-laterals, but I'm adding shoulder presses for the next cycle as my shoulders are a weak point.
    3. On the very first workouts of going back to squats, I noticed that my hams got really sore, so I just left them out for the remainder of the cycle. Also, my hams are really strong - seeing as how I could easily do 600lbs SLDLs (slightly bent knees) for 5 reps.
    4. Yes, that is the order I do my exercises. First of all due to the arrangements of the machines (so I don't have to run from one end of the crowded gym to the other, and back again), and second I put legs last because I'm usually too exhausted afterwards to even think straight - not to mention work the rest of my body.
  13. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    Can we got some leg shots? You know the old saying, give a mouse a cookie...?
  14. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    I am gonna make some enemies here, I know it. First, Blade, we know you are a smart man, and have the capabilities to building an awesome physique. Takes guts to post off season pics, no pro would do it freely!

    Now, we all know what Blade looks like when he is not consumed by his business, so we can assume he can vouch for HST. Now, if I am skeptic of HST and its principles, then I am gonna want to see visual proof to its effectiveness, such as before and after pics. We have seen Blades. We have also seen my after pics, which does not help HST really, cause I may have looked like that pre-HST. So what I am saying is that we need serious before and after pics, and not ones where u go from 185 to 200, but just got fatter. Those will make a skeptic run...

    We need someone, or a few someones, who will take a before pic, train HST style and eat as they should, and then take an after pic. No fancy supplements, no fancy diets, etc... These can all flaw the results. Skeptics will say that it may have been the diet or addition of supplements that caused the results you got. Like I said, I am saying this as a skpetic, which I am really not. Hope this does not offend anyone and I am sorry if it does, but if we truely believe in what Bryan has done, then we should be willing to put up the proof. The world wants to see, not read the results...
  15. micmic

    micmic New Member

    BIZ, you are completely right. But it's extremely difficult to obtain such proof. We would have to take two genetically identical people, train and feed them exactly the same for a few years and then draw conclusions.

    People were (and are) getting big without HST. If Ronnie Coleman trains HIT and I train HST does this mean that HIT is a better method ? If we present 'before' and 'after' pictures, anyone can claim that the subject would get that big either way.

    Also, if I see no progress for a couple of years, and then switch to HST and grow, nay-sayers will say that it is the change that made me grow, not HST. Or they will blame my previous program. Or my diet.

    What we need, is a study with a statistically significant number of people who train with various styles for upwards of 6 months while someone makes sure that every other parameter is the same. But such studies cost a lot of money and who would have an interest in sponsoring them...
  16. ChuckGrill

    ChuckGrill New Member

    Very impressive Blade but, after seing MY pics that I posted in the General Discussion forum, I have to tell you that you are not fat. I'm better than I was, but I still feel like I've got more to go. But your stats are something I wouldn't mind shooting for! [​IMG]
    At 42 I'd be most impressed with myself to gain like that! Next time you prepare for a show please post more pics. Those would be great to see.
  17. BIZ

    BIZ New Member

    You are right of course. I personally feel HST is the superior way to train for natural athletes and for those assisted by AAS (with a few modifications). I still see threads though where someone on another forum was bashing HST or questioning some of it's principles, etc... It would be so nice for us to have a thread here with nothing but success stories in picture form, where the only change the person made was switching to or beginning HST. Then we could say, "Look for yourself." I feel like that is only a matter of time, because there are a lot of guys here, and some girls, who are making great strides and will soon decide to take the plunge and display that great physique they toiled for. Sorry to get off topic here on the Blade thread...
  18. Blade

    Blade Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don't mind at all, BIZ. You're bringing up some important issues here - but the problem is exactly what micmic says: there will always be skeptics. When HST is discussed on other forums, they tend to say that it is just like any other system in that there are responders and non-responders. From having followed this forum for over a year now, as well as talked to several who have tried HST I can honestly say that 99% of the non-responders are people who implement HST incorrectly and ingests an insufficient amount of calories to grow. You can only go so far in trying to convince the skeptics of this - you don't want to be accused of being a brainless follower either... :D

    You're only as young as you feel, my friend [​IMG] I'm currently dieting, so I'll post some pics when I get into the lower bf ranges again.
  19. McFerret85

    McFerret85 New Member

    BIZ wrote:
    I nominate CalKid as an official HST poster boy. :)

    (See pics at Page 6 of Results thread)
  20. Singleton

    Singleton New Member

    Since I found someone to take pics with, we do it every week and we do it in the AM after my second meal before training. Obviously, this is the worst time to get an impressive looking photo. I'm full of food and not pumped. Since we are consistent in the timing, it helps to monitor progress / stagation / regression.

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