It is an exciting routine you have put together. I believe it is better than _my_ cutting routine. :mad:

A few questions:

(1) were you using 4/2 cadence protocol (4 seconds on eccentric motion, 2 seconds on concentric) like GVT?

(2) on each round, how many sets of each exercise are you doing? (I was assuming 1 set of each exercise per round ...).

(3) How many rounds were you planning on doing?

(4) I will be grateful if you can post your results and stats.


Just a couple of comments on your workout:

The shivering comes from the body's inability to deliver sugar to proper parts of your body -- your muscles were soaking up all glucose in your blood. Your dizziness also indicates this; your brain itself was feeling the lack of sugar (also called hypoglycemia). In extreme cases, you can black out.

If you enter the hypoglycemia without exerting yourself (via ALA, etc.), you can overcome it by eating something sweet. But for obvious reaons, you could not do this.


You have just come off cold right? You might want to take it easy and gradually work up the volume, until you are fully recovered. Your body will adapt, I am sure.
The shivering was the first sign. Seems my muscles were completely out of glycogen. Could it be the improved glucose handling ?

My first change will be to increase time between exercises (not just circuits) and working out later in the day. If that doesn't work I'll fall back to 3.75mg/day :)

I won't have time to go to the gym until Friday, so I'll tell you how it went then. Today and Thursday I will do lots of circuits of pushups, crunches and triceps push-ups in my living room just to burn some extra calories. If I puke from that I know something's definetely wrong

There are lots of reasons I'm sure - that's why I'm still open to continue my experiment. One of the things I'm thinking about is the improved glucose handling you supposedly get from bromocriptine. I've been eating more than normal carbs (protein intake will have to suffer) as a low carb will give you problems with low blood pressure and not enough glucose.

How about running my circuit, take a little dextrose, five minutes off to let the body calm down, and then a new round ? Wouldn't the set the body in overdrive ?

Body: "Oooops! Working out...Yaaaaay! Break :eek:) Uh, Oh! what's this :confused: Working out again ?? But...But...."

Anyway, I'll try to address your Qs one by one:
1. I used a fairly slow motion, but not anywhere close to 4 seconds. I'd say I used close to a 2/2 or a 3/2
2. I was doing one excercise for each muscle group each round (now that I think about it, this circuit would be grueling if I hadn't walked to the gym - I would have to include leg work as well;o)
3. I was planning on doing 3 or 4 rounds. I believe 3 would have been enough, but was prepared to (look where that got me
) do a fourth if I had the energy
4. Sure. As soon as I get off this bulemic reaction ;)
[Lars, you wrote]
> How about running my circuit, take a little dextrose, five
> minutes off to let the body calm down, and then a new
> round ? Wouldn't the set the body in overdrive ?

I think the idea is good, though I am not so sure if your stomach would not object.

> ... As soon as I get off this bulemic reaction

LOL -- I am sure that after a few workout sessions, your body will start developing tolerance and making 4 round would not be a problem.
I've had workouts with that effect, Lars, although I always managed to stop JUST shy of yakking. I did once get home, and then lie down on the living room floor "just for a moment" before walking the rest of the way into the house because I was weak and shaky. Woke up two hours later.

Instead of taking a glop of dextrose at the break, I recommend making a dilute workout drink and slowly dosing it between stations. Once you're into the nigh-yakking stage, almost anything can set it off.

And I think VC is right -- your tolerance to doing this will go up a bit. Good luck with it!
Hey, edziu

You mentioned workout drinks ... what is a good recipe?

Its kinda cool that you are making your own "gatorade."
Ok. I did some changes today and they were successful!

1. I worked out later in the day when the bromo in my system were lower (8 hours after taking it)
2. I decreased the dosage back down to 3.75mg as I felt shitty all day on 5mg
3. I had a good meal before working out ("Subway, eat fresh!"). I know it's not healthy, but...I *did* walk for 2.5 hours so I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter ;o)

The routine I did was the follwing:
- 20x bench presses
-20x pull-ups
-20x bent-over rows
-20x triceps push-downs
-20x pulley crunches

I skipped the biceps as they get some work during rows and pullups anyway. Besides - I hate working them and they're large enough for the time being. I walked for 1.5 hours to the gym and 1 hour back home.

I also took a 3 minute break between circuits and drank less water during the workout.

Reaction: I had the same reaction with shaking muscles during bench presses, but less violent than last time. At no time did I feel light headed, but I did feel some nausea (I bet it is psychological since I barfed last time). I got a keto kind of taste in the back of my moth - carb depletion ? (Maybe bromo would be good to get quickly into ketosis ?). It was pretty much wasted after three rounds but I'm sure I could have pushed myself one more. I didn't however - I'll do it on Saturday.

All over a pleasant experience! Note to self; less bromo, work out later and eat carbs before the workout.

Given your unorthodox training routine, your dieting, and your recent illness, what makes you deduce that the Bromo is the cause, or even a cause, of your nausea and shivering?

Personally, and no offense, I think the issue is simply, "too much, too soon".

Lester Long
The reason is that I've now completely "healed" exept for some coughing (I always cough long after having the flu).

Even though I have done circuits like this before - even with more walking prior and after - I have *never* puked before. It is also based on the general feeling I had the days I took 5mg. I was extremely "off" - lying in bed without being able to sleep but too tired to get up. Nausea all day long (incidentally starting 30-45 minutes after taking the bromo) etc etc.

Basically - going from 3.75mg to 5mg ruined my days. I hoped it would pass but it didn't.

I am planning to try 5mg again after my exams (3.75mg should give me at least some advantage over the people who don't use it), but then I'll borrow a blood pressure tester.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (virtualcyber @ June 04 2002,12:58)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Hey, edziu

    You mentioned workout drinks ... what is a good recipe?  

    Its kinda cool that you are making your own &quot;gatorade.&quot;[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Drink formulas? I haven't made my own drinks in quite a while.

My stock formula used to be:
soymilk (about 1/2 liter)
ripe banana (the soy and banana gave a decent 3:1 carb:protein ratio)
orange or shot of orange juice (for flavor, and to prevent browning)
honey (for sweetness and more easy carbs)
some supplements of choice (multi, chromium, creatine, whatever I was trying at the time)

Blend thoroughly.

Makes for a thick shake, but I liked it that way.
Well, that's that!

I've gone a couple of days without bromo and I must say I feel great! I have no more stuffed nose and I don't feel run down and need sleep at 10am any more. I also feel more energetic.

All things considered I'm not really interested in feeling like ####. I'd rather spend a little more time and have a (liveable) life.
I'm going to try again with a lower dosage as soon as exams are done. I'll stick to 2.5mg/day and see how it goes. If I don't notice anything special I'll rule it out and go back to keto diets ;)
First off, I commend you on your zest for training and willingness to share your experiences with Bromo. Secondly, and I mean no offense, your training regimen concerns me. A 1 hour walk before weight training using 20 reps for multiple sets is way too much. IMO Adding a 1.5 hour walk afterwards is suicide. Your body cannot come close to meeting the energy demands you are placing on it. The shakes, nausea, light-headedness, etc.. are results of overtraining. You are using up most of your energy walking to the gym, let alone lifting weights and walking home. Adding Bromo on top of illness, inadequate nutrition, and over-training is asking for an ambulance ride. Assess the way you are feeling and the progress you are making and decide if getting really ill is the price you want to pay.
Bromo experience has been quite pleasant so far!
The first 3 weeks was somewhat a tough experience, but after that climb, things went smoothly.
Im not sure if it will help 'repair' body temperature (I think it said that in the booklet) as my body temp was around 97 degrees but it has helped my appettite and lost at a 4/5 to 1 ratio of fat to muscle. I did do a similar routine to HST while I dieted so that accounted for the good results, but bromo did play a role in there too.
I tend to be in the 3 to 1 ratio, especially when it becomes cumbersome to stick with a diet and lose mainly fat once I hit under 13%.
im having trouble finding solid info on bromo out there, i may buy lyles book if i hear good feedback on bromo. a couple questions that maybe someone can help me with.

1. is bromo illegal? i heard you can only get it overseas but im assuming that there will be legal consequences if you get caught with it.

2. what is the price of bromo? I am not sure the dosages that would be used, but say a regular EC stack at full dosages will cost about $20 a month, what would bromo be?

3. Where do you guys think bromo ranks in terms of effectivness with these drugs: Usnic acid, EC, nicotine?

Thanks for any help.
I am not too sure on this Bromocriptine. Illegal? Yes. Harmful? Maybe. But does it produce results??? I reckon one would need to do an 8 week training cycle without bromo, and an 8 week training cycle with bromo (diet being the same for both cycles), to gauge whether the bromo had any effect. If you start using bromo and change your diet and training, the resulting fat loss may not be a product of bromo use, but of better diet and training. Right?
Bromo is a prescription drug used to treat Parkinson and hyperprolactinemia (sp? ). It also has 30+years of research behind it (Medline will turn up 2500 studies) and is considered safe. It is no miracle drug, but will counteract the drop in metabolic rate associated with caloric deficit/starving - and in turn, drop in leptin levels - much the same thing you try to counteract with refeeding.