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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Browner, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Browner

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    Comp Bench
    157.5 x1 @8
    130 x3 @6
    122.5 x3x5 @sub6

    Squat w/belt
    165 x3x3 @sub6

    98 x15x3

    Arnold Press
    25 x15x3

    Preacher Curls (Single arm DB)
    15 x12x3

    Triceps Pushdowns
    50 x15x3

    Quite enjoying the extra BB accessories at the moment. I think I mistake I have made in my training last few years is being to specific, and doing to few accessories. If I have learnt anything from the Westside/conjugate boiz at our gym, it is that accessories can and should be given a bit more attention. I think that at some point as you progress in training age, adding more muscle mass might help get through those plateaus
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  2. Browner

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    British Qualifier Prep W4D1

    Comp Squat
    190 x4 @sub6 - This top set felt really dialled in technically.
    180 x4x5 @sub6

    2ct Pause Deadlift - Not so technically dialled in. A bit sloppy and all over the place these!
    200 x4x2 @6-7

    DB Seated OHP
    35 x12x3

    Platz Squat - Quad Pump!!
    100 x15x2

    Tate Press
    20 x15x2

    Leg Extensions
    68 x15x2

  3. Browner

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    Spoto Press
    160 x1 @8
    140 x3x5 @6-6.5

    105 x15x3

    Incline DB Press
    40 x12x3

    Overhead Cable Tricep Ext
    60 x12x3

    Bicep DB Hammer Curls
    15 x15x3

  4. Browner

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    Starting to adjust to early morning training again

    Comp Deadlift
    240 x3 @8
    215 x3x4 @6

    High Bar Pause Squat
    155 x3x4 @6

    Reverse Hyper
    55 x15x3

    DB Step Ups
    15 x12x3

    DB RDLs
    45 x12x3

  5. Browner

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    Comp Bench
    160 [email protected]
    130 [email protected]
    120 x4x4 (clustered as 4-4, 4-4)

    170 x4x3 @sub6

    Chest Supported Rows
    30 x12x3

    DB Incline Flies
    20 x15x3

    EZ Bar Bicep Curls
    25 x15x3

    Tricep Pushdowns
    50 x15x3


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