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    I just finished a long dieting cycle and have just begun my first HST cycle. While dieting, I was creating a weekly caloric deficit of 3,000 to 4,000 calories. To get there, I was eating about 2100 calories per day (12x my bodyweight in lbs) and doing plenty of cardio and lifting to create the caloric deficit. I assume my base metabolic rate (if I don't exercise) is probably around 2000 since I'm 6'1 and 177 lbs.

    My question is: how many calories per day should I eat now that I am in a muscle-building phase? I have read the e-book and understand that I'm ultimately supposed to eat around 2600-2900 calories per day but I don't want to brutally start eating more since I've been operating under a caloric deficit for so long (otherwise I might gain too much fat). So how many calories should I eat per day for the next 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 4 weeks?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I touched on this in the book in one of the dieting sections but you should never go straight from a cut to a bulk or vice versa. Always take one week minimum, preferrably two weeks to eat at maintenance prior to changing phases. For simplicity, I would recommend eating at maintenance during the 15s and once you get to the 10s then start increasing the calories.

    Obviously during an SD you want to eat at maintenance as well. I would take a couple days to taper calories up to maintenance from your dieting level during SD. Be prepared to regain a bit of water weight when you increase the calories.
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    Thanks totentanz, I did read the section. What I think left me still slightly confused is what was meant by "maintenance". My base metabolic rate I'd estimate is 2000, but if I multiply that number by 1.1 to 1.2 (as indicated in your book), that means I can eat 2300-2400 and THEN I'd have to add another 500 calories to gain weight. So when you say "eat at maintenance during the 15's", are you saying I should eat 2000 (i.e. my basic metabolic rate), or 2300-2400 (which is 1.1-1.2x my BMR)?

    Thanks again your advice and e-book are v. helpful
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    By maintenance, I mean the actual amount of calories needed to maintain your weight. Basically, this would be your basal metabolic rate times whatever activity level is appropriate for you. If that is 1.1 or 1.2 then use that number i.e. 2300-2400. Within the two weeks of the 15s, if you haven't gained any weight then you know that is your maintenance. If you've lost a couple pounds then you'll know it was a little low, and if that were the case, then adding another 500 to that would probably be insufficient. If you only eat your actual BMR then you will in fact lose weight unless you are completely sedentary. Given that you are lifting weights, this is clearly not the case for you.
    Just remember that these numbers are good estimates but again, only estimates. You may have to adjust a bit here and there.

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