Can drinking milk or soya bean drink replace protein powders?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Evolcha, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Evolcha

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    Hi there, i'm new to training in the gym and i was adviced to take protein powders. However, 1 friend of mine recommended drinking HL milk(available in singapore) which gives about 10g of protein per serving. And i saw that the value of protein in protein powders hower around 30-40g per serving. So i was wondering if i can replace protein powder with the HL milk?

    By the way, how about soya bean milk? Heard they are high in proteins too?
  2. QuantumPositron2

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    You can get protein any way you want -- soya drink, milk, protein powders -- they are going to do the same thing. One is not better than another. Simply decide which source gives you the most protein for the least money. Do not forget that meat has plenty of protein: fish, beef, chicken, and eggs.

    A lot of people believe protein is magic so they get obsessed with how to get protein. Many competitive bodybuilders come to my supplement store. The biggest guys always get plenty of protein from meat first. Then they use powders as a convenience food because sometimes they don't have time to cook.

    I hope I've answered your question.


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