can someone comment on this article?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by xarfox, Nov 11, 2005.

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    this guy says that its okay to put on a lot of fat and eat saturated fat and things like pop tarts to put on weight

    he also says stop eating vegetables and fruit so you can pile in more high calorie foods

    i currently eat pretty clean, mostly chicken, pork, and eggs, but steak from time to time - and i get my fruits and vegees

    last time i calculated my percentages i was at about 40% carb, 32% protein, 28% fat

    right now im eating about 200g protein a day with only 1 being a shake (fake protein)

    am i getting enough? i weigh like 185-190.. 6'0"
  2. Hardrock

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    I didn't bother to go and read the article. Obviously it's geared towards hardcore lifters who want to bulk up at any cost. While it's o.k. to get some saturated fat in the diet for hormone reasons (testosterone) it's generally recommended that no more than 25-30% of calories come from fat, and that the majority of the fat come from monounsaturated fats like olive oil and essential fatty acids from fish oils, etc. You are getting saturated fat in the protein sources you listed- just try to use the leanest cuts of meat. The current conventional wisdom for protein is 1 gram per lb of bodyweight so you are getting plenty with 200 grams at your weight.
  3. xahrx

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    I'd be skeptical of anything that was printed on T Nation.
  4. Aaron_F

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    If your goal is to put on weight and you cannot eat enough with veges n stuff, then you have to make the decision on what you want. For a short term bulk its not too much of an issue or worry

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