CHAT room


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Would it be possible to add a chat room to this site and/or make one available somewhere for HST discussion? I think this could be very valuable for education and promotion of HST principles. It would be nice to have live conversations with other members.
This reminds me of a chat that Mikeynov and I used to create on occasion. We called it the 'arthurjonesfanclub'. I used to speak of hypertrophy, he spoke of women, his woman spoke of swimming and then we had the 'stalker' whom sat in the chat and chuckled at our inifitesimal random abilities.

However, a monitored online chat would lessen the 'possibility' for a hostile environment. It equally brings forth the ability to receive direct responses and creates a community with an instantaneous transfer of information between eager newcomers and veterans alike.

A few of us are also available on AIM a lot of the time. Chats can get rather confusing, especially with a number of people involved