Cheap meal substitute bar?

Discussion in 'Diet & Nutrition' started by Calkid, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    Here's the lowdown on my situation: I'm a college student living in a dorm. I get my meals from the dining commons, and am only allowed three meals a day maximum. No matter how much I eat, this means I badly need food at around midnight. Up til now I've been going out to local food places (which is expensive) or raiding my roommate's food stash (neither filling nor ethical [​IMG] ).

    I'm curious: Has anyone run across a meal replacement bar that has around 800 calories from complex carbs and is cheap? I'm really hurting for a big calorie hit pre-bedtime.

  2. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Sick of Fat Slice already? :)

    Olive oil is a good solution. It's cheap, offers immediate calories, settles appetite, improves hormonal profile, and doesn't significantly raise insulin levels. One tablespoon is about 125 calories.

    Mix the olive oil in whatever milk or protein powder connoction in the late hours. Throw an apple in there if you're studying.

    Actually the Zone Diet isn't a bad solution to your eating problems. Calculate your protein need, calibrate your carb levels to it, then just keep adding olive oil until you have enough calories.

  3. Calkid

    Calkid New Member

    Sick of Fat Slice? NEVER!!
    That reminds me, I gotta go grab some post-workout Top Dawg.

    Err, but first, olive oil calories are fat, correct? I hope not; I really can't avoid eating other sources of fat when 3 meals a day are from the dining complex of doom.

  4. mikeh

    mikeh New Member

    You're in a dorm. Do you have a small refrigerator or store near by??
    You could eat a small container of cottage cheese and a scoop of powder.
    (powder will make it taste better) Containers also make cheap tupperware :D

    You can also store 100% natural peanut butter in your room.

    Go Bears !!
  5. Jon Stark

    Jon Stark New Member

    Hey Calkid, just make a run to Steve's Korean BBQ!

    Otherwise, I say ditto to the peanut butter.
  6. vicious

    vicious New Member

    Rib-bee-goo is the key. It's radioactive you know. :)

    If you're just trying to gain muscle, it's actually a good idea to get most of the excess calories from fat. Your body would rather use fat for hour-to-hour energy and then carbohydrates for aerobic situations, glycogen replenishment and steady glucose levels (for your brain.) In fact, by eating more fat, the carbohydrates and protein is better "allocated" for hypertrophy.

    Olive oil, being mostly monosaturated fat, is a great and inexpensive source of energy. And it tastes good on just about anything.

    BTW, if you're hankering for protein, definitely go to Hot Pot City on Shattuck. Lamb is anabolic! :)

  7. Proteios

    Proteios New Member

    Hot Pot aye, they have one by el cerrito too [​IMG]
    well a mrp bar at 800 calories eh haven't seen one in town.
    There are certain drinks out by ABB that are well over 600 calories.
    BTW max muscle just opened in san leandro so run by there. You might catch me hanging around [​IMG]

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