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I know coffee is dihuric ( however u spell that ) , makes u dehydrated and go to the bathroom, but lately ive been falling asleep alot at work, i know i should be getting more sleep but for many reasons its not really possible, i get on average between 6h-7h of sleep, when i was younger it didnt seem to be a problem ( i had even less)but now im getting "older" ( 23years old ) and been going to the gym for the past 6months, I rarely feel not tired... On the other hand since I started going to the gym, i feel my body is in better shape.

When i feel im falling asleep at work what i do is drink 3 expresso in 1 shot, like shooters, seems to keep me awake most of the times.

How does coffee affect ure workouts ? if i drink a glass of water will it balance out the coffee ?
I drink 1/2 pot to 1 pot of coffee a day usually.

It's great when cutting calories, helps supress the appetite and boosts metabolism, although i don't think the metabolism boost is very significant.

If you're worrying about hydration, then i'm not too sure to tell you the truth. I'd like to hear what someone has to say about coffee and hydration too.

And i'd hate to post a question in your thread, but milk. I drink alot of milk too, and have heard it's 90% water. Does this mean i can basically add it towards my water total towards the day? Like half a gallon of milk is about equivalent to half a gallon of water?

Thanks and i hope both of us find our answers :)
caffeine is a VERY mild diuretic

when you drink your caffeine in the form of coffee, you are getting additional water. Not that it makes a lot of difference anyway
Sounds like youve fallen into the same trap a mate of mine is in. He complains about being tired all day so drinks lots of coffee to stay awake, then cant sleep cos of all the coffee hes drunk through the day so hes tired the next day...

Only way to get out of that one is to cut out the coffee for a day (or cut right back on it) and put up with being really tired so you can sleep properly that night. You shouldnt be so tired the next day and therefore wont need the coffee.

Failing that, have you ever tried melatonin for helping you sleep? I use it and have nothing but good things to say about it
i sleep around 5-6 hours a night with 90 minutes workout per day...the only thing that keeps me awake is around 1g coffeine per day and over 100mg ephedrine...but not even this keeps me awake...

what this little story should tell yo SLEEP MORE - there is no thing, no drug that can compensate a lack of for me sleeping more inst possible as well but you have to set priorities - what is more important for you, school/job or your health?
I found that out the hard way too. Nothing can make up for lack of good sound sleep.

I just recently got back on a good sleeping schedule. My face is clearing up, i'm more productive during the day, have nothing but good things to say about sleep. :D
Thought i'd bump this up:

"And i'd hate to post a question in your thread, but milk. I drink alot of milk too, and have heard it's 90% water. Does this mean i can basically add it towards my water total towards the day? Like half a gallon of milk is about equivalent to half a gallon of water?"

Any input?
yeah i read somewhere u can count it has water intake,

but to get back on the coffee thing...
Its not that i have problem sleeping, trust me i can sleep anywhere anytime.
And im not addicted to coffee, its just that it helps me staying relatively awake at work...
i just want to know what effect it has on my workouts... if its counterproductive...

I know i need more sleep but, i think its a problem we have in our family too, my father would almost fall asleep instanly after eating, and im the same, its so annoying especialy after lunch at work... i often fall asleep at work in front of my computer after lunch...
Is Diabetes prominent in your family?

It could be due to low blood sugar. Are you eating high sugar foods that are just absolutely dropping your blood sugar shortly afterwards?

That's all i can think of right now.
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Quote[/b] ]i get on average between 6h-7h of sleep,

IMO, I'd say that's where your biggest problem is. I think 7 is the bare minimum for sleeping for someone doing BB'ing. That's speaking from experience and talking to a lot of other folk.

I'm going to echo Pauly and say that you go without the coffee (perhaps over a friday & weekend so it doesn't mean you're @ work the whole time) and try to fix your body's sleeping pattern up a bit.

Caffiene is a mild diuretic, so it increases your urine production in the kidneys. Key thing to note is that it will act as a diuretic regardless of whether it's administered in coffee or in tablets it will have a diuretic effect. Because you take it in coffee you won't get dehydrated much, but still get inc. urine production.

Milk can't be regarded as water intake. Milk is loaded with ions (or electrolytes if you want to call them that), Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. Not to mention the sugars (lactose), protein and fat.
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Quote[/b] (Jester @ Jan. 20 2005,12:10)]Milk can't be regarded as water intake. Milk is loaded with ions (or electrolytes if you want to call them that), Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. Not to mention the sugars (lactose), protein and fat.
Sorry your wrong

the fluid in milk can be classified as part of the fluid intake for the day, as too can fluid from solid food based sources. The ionic content of the food, or its macronutrient profile means little in the overall water balance from that food (short term perhaps, but not once digestion of them take place). If the water from milk was not available, you would be having great issues from any consumption of milk, even without lactase deficiency.
I'm not contending that the water from milk is unavailable, but that you can't (re)hydrate yourself using milk, as you could using the same volume of water.
Rehydrate yourself in what manner?

Milk has an osmolarity of ~300mosmol/L which puts it in the class of iso-osmotic. Which is pretty darn good for rehydrating the normal person.
In the event of taking part in a large endurance event or in specific dehydration events (diarrhoea etc), lower osmolarity would be better. in terms of rehyration of the athletes, they have to think of the glycogen repletion as well.
Can't remember the source, but read somewhere recently that regular coffee drinkers become "immune" to the diuretic effect of coffee and can count it toward their fluid intake. I'm not convinced myself, but will dig up the details and post.
Louno, do you get sleepy after a meal regardless of what you have to eat? I've found that a high carb meal can make me drowsy, but a pure protein meal (as long as it isn't turkey) doesn't impact me as much.
There is no diabete in my family,
and yes i feel somewhat sleepy after anykind of meal, especially during lunch at work, or when i was in school, oh man that was hard, i kept falling asleep in class, some teachers didnt like me cuz of that...

I know the problem is that im probably not getting enough sleep, sometimes i go for a few days with very little sleep ( 3-4 hours per night ) and on weekends i sleep 10-12 hours per night since i dont have to get up to go to work... it feels nice to wake up by yourself, not an alarm.

One thing that i found helped a little were multi-vitamins, after like 2 weeks i could see an improvement, i take them everyday... but it doesnt seem to work anymore.

So now i switched to coffee... i take 3 expresso in 1 cup, drink it and im set for a while.

dang they should make days with 30 hours...
Can you get away w/a nap on your lunch break? You sound like me 8 months ago... I used to take a 20-25 minute nap (not to long or else I'd get groggy) on my break. Just find an empty office or go out in your car and lie down flat.

Eventually I started getting into the coffee thing... at first it would only take half a cup to keep me awake, then 1... then 2 cups... and so on until I eventually became depedent. Finally, I stopped for like 2 weeks, fought the headaches, and started getting at least 8 hrs of sleep. Plus I cut my volume in the gym down.

Though you sound like you have a unique problem here, a power nap could help... Remeber, sleep must be accumulated. You can't "pay off" a 2 hour sleep deficit w/2 extra hours the next night, though naps certainly can help!

Good luck with getting that sleep!
If I sleep less than 8 hours a day I get similar symptoms as ou mate..

I've often slept 7 hours a night, but then I always added 30-60 minute nap just before or after dinner, that was when I couldn't go earlier to sleep than 1 am in the evenings.

Now I go to sleep around 11-12 pm, so I don't need the nap, although as I'm used to it, I use that time to rest a bit, not really sleep.. read a book or something equally relaxing. Great to remove stress.