Could you be a pro?

Discussion in 'General Training' started by ian, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. ian

    ian New Member

    I realise genetics play a major part in bodybuilding and for that reason I do not believe that todays top pros are anything like the best in the world (potential wise).
    Think about it, out of you friends (that you dont know from the gym), how many go the gym?
    From that number, how many train properly?
    Then eat properly?
    And finally take the correct supplements and steroids??
    And thats where you are, imagin how many people are hardcore bbers in the deserts of Africa.
    Not many, the point is that only a tiny % of the population, workout properly and a minute % take it seriously enuff to be a proper bodybuilder. Therefore the odds are theres millions of people out there with better genetics than some top pros.
    Which leads me to the question. If I dedicated my life to bodybuilding, (from training,thru food,sleep and steroids) could I be a pro bodybuilder??
    (Remember that programe on that 8year old whose dad had been forcing him to train and feeding him steroids since he was 3, he coulda been a pro and the odds are against him being genetically gifted, theres a post on it).
    Point is I rekon that while genetics obviously do play a massive part in bodybuilding, too fewer people take part in it for the pros to be anywhere near (potential wise) the best in the world. It just pisses me off when people go on about how you could never achieve that kinda body when (mathmatically speaking) if you decided to quit your life and become a hardcore bodybuilder, you could probably be just as good as them!!
    Anyone agree/disagree?
  2. Bryan Haycock

    Bryan Haycock Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, you could be a professional bodybuilder assuming your "shape" is within the normal range. I mean, sometimes guys will have an unusual variation in the shape of some muscle group. In the past, you could get away with this (Boyer coe?). Today, you must fit into a certain look. This can be achieved by most people given enough time and testosterone.

    Which brings me to the point, all things being equal, if you are willing to use testosterone properly for the long haul, you can be a pro-bodybuilder. If you are not but are still willing to do everything else (training, diet, supps) you can compete in natural shows for the joy of just being on stage and looking better than all your friends.
  3. ian

    ian New Member

    Gota be one off the most frustrating sports/hobbies to be involved in tho. I mean theres so many variables to take into account. Ud need unbelieveable determination and commitment to be a pro!
  4. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    a big bucket of drugs helps
  5. Lance

    Lance New Member

    I'm not sure how much drugs are really needed, Lee Priest claims to do one 8 week cycle a year (deca and something else i believe) and for pre contest claims to just use winstrol every other day, as well as clenbuterol (not a steroid).

    That's mild AAS use for a pro.
  6. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    First off, I think that genetics plays a smaller role in determining how big you can become than what is often attributed to it. Obviously genetics determines shape, but I don't think that the potential between any two human beings of similar height and ethnicity could differ by 50-60kgs/100-120lbs. I don't think Jay Cutler (for instance) has super-DNA.
    Does it really seem likely that their can be THAT much genetic difference between members of the same species in todays society - a non-darwinian state in terms of physicality ...?

    To me the line b/t potential and realisation is dedication, time spent training and assistance (nutrition, supplements like creatine, drugs...). Pros or near-pros have (or have had) more time, and more of their $$ and attention is directed towards BB'ing than the rest of us I think.

    With regard to todays pros being the best possible or not....I'd say that the amount of lean body mass packed onto Ronnie Coleman's frame is not too shabby....though how much of it without hormones or pro-hormones he would hhave had, I can't say...
  7. ian

    ian New Member

    As far as what the pros take, take a look at, go on the search engine and time in 'under cover'. Get on the 'pro under cover articles', its very interesting. Its supposed to be one of the actual pros giving you all the inside info (not sure how real it is but) its great.

    Covers everything, and on it it sez that a pro will spend $6000 on steds etc in the month before the olympia.
    As I say you may not believe it all,but its a good read!!
  8. Dood

    Dood New Member

    Have to strongly disagree there. Just look around at people who don't train, you can have people at 6 ft tall who weigh 170 and people at 6 ft tall who weigh 270. People come in all shapes and sizes, with different ratios of fiber types and different fat percentages. Some people can grow muscle more easily than others, because of genetic predisposition.
    Steroid usage also plays a huge part in pro bbers.
  9. ian

    ian New Member

    Nahh I rekon genetics only makes a difference between the top Pros, the eg that most people could see would be Ronnie and Gunter, (Gunter having the more boxy shape, compared to they smaller waist and bigger shoulders and therefore better V-shape of Ronnie).

    For genetics to play a major part in the sport it would have to be taken part in by 99% of the world, I mean Mr Bean my have the best 'gym' genetics in the world, but he like most of the world has never been the gym or used steroids.

    The problem with doods ideas is that you do see tall people that are skinny and small people that are fat is that the fat guy most likely has a more active lifestyle and eats better.

    Its like fat people that go on about genetics (I HATE fat people that moan), as a former 9-10 stoner it has taken me years of eating boring food and training to get my standard, so for people to moan about being fat when they do no exercise and eat crap really pisses me off!!!

    I no if 99% of people started eating correctly and training theyd all look great. + if you look at Pros in their younger years, non of them start off looking any different, most start off skinny and get massive because they dont like being skinny, not cause their gifted. + youv always had different shapes and sizes of Pros look at Arnie and Franco and Ferrigno back in the day!!

    I always used to think that no matter what I ate, I had the genetics to mean I never put a pound of fat on, but that soon changed when I stopped playing football twice a day.
    Finally I rekon that most people that dont make gains in the gym dont understand nutrition.

    As far as dedication, I agree with that, but its to more of a degree than any other sport. A couple of years ago I used to eat perfectly and trained hard, all I used to talk about was the gym. And without doubt I was the most miserable boring person ever, I hate to think the kind of lifestyle youd have to lead to be a Pro
  10. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    note the bolding

    the only people who know hte truth are lee and his dealer, and maybe his wife. Everything else is claims.

    But then again, lee is not massive by Bbing standards, he is heavy for his height, but thats a slight bit different than being 300lbs
  11. Lance

    Lance New Member

    True Aaron, he claims things. But he also is one of the only pro bodybuilders i know who openly admits to steroids. He says he has no reason to lie to anyone, he says what cycles he does (or claims, that is), he says how he trains, how he eats, admits he eats like a dang pig in the off season, etc.

    He seems to me like an open, honest guy with no bullsh*t.

    And i do love his physique. Slim waist, nice v-taper, huge arms. I'm an ironage fan, i don't like alot of the current physiques, but there are those (comier, jackson, among others) who still have the classic physique that launched bodybuilding. I don't know where these huge guts are coming from these days.
  12. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F New Member

    Of course, but with lee only competing at around 205, hes not massive other than the fact that hes knee high to a grasshopper.  Supporting 200lb lean mass is a whole different story than supporting 300lbs...  the doses he describes may be suitable for him at that weight.
    in terms of the guts, gH, insulin massive doses of testosterone, anti e's and whatever else current drug of the months.  Also potentially hypertrophy of various organs to try and keep up with the enormous supply of nutrients a human truck needs to maintain weight, as well as process everything from blood etc..  Normal weightlifters have enlarged hearts and livers, so someone like ronnie  musth have exponentially larger organs to keep pace.
    Lee has the best in-season phyique of most of the current freaks.  I prefer the days of Lee Haney, and Gaspari, as well as Lee Labrada.

    Rich Gaspari in circa late 80's early 90s was phenominal. His physique is sorta like mine (but much leaner :)) wide waisted, short limbs long midsection, but a phenominal build that was not out of reach of the fan base (Rich was ~200-210 in comp up to 220 at some points) which the freaks of today are sooo far out there. Ronnie competed around 300, his off season has to be around 350-360lb and still relatively lean.
  13. Gunter's off season is even higher. Building the Perfect Beast by Author L Rea, how true
  14. VIPER

    VIPER New Member

    Gunter used to go to my gym about a year ago. He is one of the nicest bodybuilders I've met so far, and muchhhhhh bigger in person. If I remember correctly I either heard or read that he has a very hard time eating to gain mass. It may have to do with all the traveling, etc. Over the last couple years his weight hasn't changed an enourmous amount.

    I think Gunter moved to Venice now. Now Chris Cook and his wife which both compete workout and train others at my gym. There are also some of the nicest people.
  15. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Yes that's my point exactly. TRAINING and all of it's extras is what causes the difference in size, not genetics. The fibre ratios and fat percentages vary of course, but these are insignificant factors for ~95% (educated guess) of the population if they wanted to become a bodybuilder. Growing more muscle is merely finding the specific formula for your body in my opinion. Of course the formula is more simple (easier) for some than others.

    And steroids play a HUGE role. That's the difference maker, not genetics.

    And Larry Scott or a 15 year old Schwarzenegger are the examples I would refer to for genetics being minor. Larry attributed his BBing career to the fact that "I used to be one of those 98lb weaklings...", and Arnold didn't look any different from your standard 5'9-6ft high school male in my opinion. The only outstanding quality would be his tone, or lack of fat.
  16. ian

    ian New Member

    Yep, rekon most bbers start off skinny. Ive read a couple of articles about how 'I started bbing as a weakling and within a year id put on 5stone'. Its just how soon your prepared to go hardcore.
    Must be hard though coz a lot of my mates that take steroids, wont train propely when their between courses, they just moan and do half hearted workouts.
  17. ian

    ian New Member

    Just realised im preaching different things on different posts...

    Weve sort of been playing down genetics, but surley all of you must have good and bad body parts??
    I know I have and I also know a lot of people that have say massive legs and they hardly train legs and an awful say chest and theyve tried everything.

    Maybe (and iv never met anyone for who this is true for) some people have this good bodypart genetics for their whole body???

    (I still rekon with the pros its just they start hardcore on steroids at the age of 15, but you never know??)
  18. skinnyman

    skinnyman New Member

    i would take steroids if it's safe. but it's not! [​IMG]
  19. RSS

    RSS New Member

    Yes, this is definitely true. Some people can build muscle far more rapidly, and to a much greater degree than others, even with the same training and diet. I have encountered this many times over the years. There is no way anyone can become a pro without good genetics in this respect. I have also seen plenty of examples of steroid users who cannot surpass the levels achieved by genetically gifted naturals, even with an intelligent approach to training and diet.

    Never underestimate the importance of genetics.

  20. ian

    ian New Member

    I mean I know loadsa big realy big people and your not telln me their all genetically gifted!! Most people that show dedication and knowledge progress a great deal.

    In the most cases you get loadsa people that go the gym for a week, decide they wana get massive and start taking steroids, with no concept of proper training, diet or rest. These are the ones that moan about not being able to put on weight.

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